Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What we have here is a failure to communicate.


For most of the really important things in life, my husband and I are in agreement.  And when I say the ‘important’ ones, I’m talking about the biggies.  

You know,   politics … religion… social issues… barbecue.  We are generally smack in one another’s camps about the stuff in life that matters most.  Which is a good thing, and probably has contributed to the longevity of our ‘together’.  We’ve been a couple for more than two decades (what??), and as a result (on account of how youthful we are, and all) we have been together for more than half of our lives.

But, yeah, of course there are a few things that we DO NOT necessarily agree upon.  For example, we both do NOT love college basketball.  I’ll give you a guess which one of us doesn’t.   
And ONE OF US does not like to endlessly surf Pinterest, and find adorable crafty-crafts to ‘pin’, and then never actually complete.    (Well, I guess, in fairness, neither of us actually completes those projects, so we do still have that in common.)


Anyway, it’s not a deal-breaker.  Some things we will never see eye to eye on, and I understand.  Truly, I do. 

Except for one thing. 
My husband refuses to love Jimmy Fallon like I love Jimmy Fallon.


We simply cannot agree on how amazing Jimmy Fallon is.  And it bugs me tremendously that he won’t acknowledge the absolute and utter hilarity that is JIMMY FALLON.  I loved him on SNL (Barry Gibb), and now I really like watching The Tonight Show.  I have never, ever been a late night talk show person, but I try to tune in every night to see what craziness is on the docket.  And I laugh hysterically.  (‘Thank You Notes’?   No, thank YOU, Jimmy!) 

Phil just doesn’t find him as funny as I do, y’all.  
Sometimes he even has the nerve to ROLL HIS EYES.  I could understand this behavior if Jay Leno was still on the show (we agreed that we hated him… it was marital bliss), or David Letterman (I only ever liked the Top Ten list, anyway), but, well… I have to admit that I have a not-so-secret crush on Jimmy.  And I think my husband might be just a tiny bit jealous, if you want the truth.  Does he feel 'threatened' by this other guy in my life that makes me laugh?  Maybe, just maybe. ;)

So, at this point, I'm not sure I’m ever going to be able to change his mind about this.  He's seemingly impervious to Mr. Fallon's charm and wit.   

And, unless I want to commit to watching ‘Finding Bigfoot’ as a trade-off, I think we will just have to agree to disagree.

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Amy Gautreaux said...

OH yeah. Phil is broken.