Thursday, January 12, 2012

49 Nifty States?

My kid has been singing a new song she learned in Music class… “Fifty Nifty United States”. It’s pretty cool, and it lists the states in alphabetical order, all set to music.

That would be just about the only way I’d be able to remember all of them.

She sang the whole thing for us at dinner, having to stop every now and then to figure out which one came next.

Some states were sung with a little more panache (Ne-vah-daaaaa, O-hi-oooo, and Utaaaaah get the star treatment and some ‘jazz hands’ for good measure.)

J: “…Tennessee, Texas, Utaaaaah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wy-o-miiiiing!'

...And that's the end!”

Me: “That’s great! But, um…does poor West Virginia just get left out?”

J: “That’s just a city, anyway.

Me: “Noooo. It’s a state.”

J: “REALLY? I guess maybe it wasn’t a state back when the song was written. I think it was written in like 1993.”

Holy crap.

In that case… welcome aboard, West Virginia. ;)