Saturday, February 28, 2009

Translation: "Do you like 'seafood'?"

It’s never a good thing when the phone rings, and the Caller ID is the preschool where your 4 year old goes for 3 lovely mornings a week.

‘Lovely’ because she LOVES school and her teacher and her little pals… but also ‘lovely’ because three mornings a week, my house is quiet. Seriously quiet. Except for the squeaking of the guinea pigs, and CNN in the background, my house is blissfully quiet.

And on these lovely mornings, I usually find myself cleaning up the breakfast mess, mopping the floor, or spraying Oxy-Clean on the dirty laundry… (glaaaamorous!) So when the phone rang, and it was the preschool teacher telling me that Libby had thrown up at school, I surveyed the recently picked up house, which was certain to not stay that way for long, and retrieved the Oxy-Clean out of the laundry cabinet, which was certain to be needed for whatever I had sent Libby to school in that morning.

I asked the typical questions on the phone:
1) Does she have a fever? …No.
2) Had she been coughing? *I know from experience that the allergy cough can bring on the ‘gaggies’ in my kids.* …But no.
3) Do I need to bring a change of clothes to school, so she can ride home in the van without ME gagging all the way home? …Surprisingly, no. (The teacher said she had very good aim.)

So I grabbed a bucket out of the garage… the one we use to wash the cars when they get so grungy that entire stanzas of poetry could be written on the back window… ‘Ode to a Filthy Van’… put the bucket in the van (I wasn’t taking any chances!)… and made my way to preschool to pick up the little puker.

When I got there, Libby was in the school office with the director, coloring a picture, and she looked… well, she looked suspiciously fine. Not that I WANT any of my kids to be sick, mind you, but she was actually humming a little tune, picking out different crayons. My ‘sick kid’ radar clicked off, and my ‘suspicious mommy’ antennae went up…

I leaned down next to her, felt her head (doncha’ know that Mommy’s fever detecting hands work sooo much better than a lousy thermometer?), but, nope, no fever. I asked her, “Libby, honey, do you feel bad?” And she said, “Yeeeah,” and then… she smirked. Just a little. But enough that I could tell she was trying not to smile.

So we headed home, and on the way, I asked her why she’d gotten sick. Her answer?

Somebody was chewing their peanut butter and jelly sandwich with their mouth open, and smacking their lips. Omigod. Now I know that she doesn’t like PB&J, and she refuses to eat peanut butter…but when she got a glimpse of her friend’s ‘see-food’, she lost her own lunch.

I was completely flummoxed. I told her that next time, she should just look the other way, and not watch her friend chew.

Translation: ‘I will NOT be picking you up from school every time someone has something ‘gross’ in their lunch, you little diva.’

Her response… “But, Mommy, I will still be able to SMELL it!”

Translation: “Duuuh, Mom!”

A couple of friends pointed out to me that we had lucked out that Davis has not discovered this chink in his little sister’s armor. Can’t you just picture it? “Chewing a peanut butter sandwich with my mouth open?!! Really?! That’s all it takes? Sweeeeeet.”

Translation: “Mom, get the Oxy-Clean.”

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Title Page

The front page of my Project 365 album... just thought I'd post it.
Moving on... ;)

Project 365... continued.

Okay, so I posted the Project 365 from two weeks ago, two days I'll post last week's today! I've given up on trying to remember what week number it is...

Are we confused yet?! ;)

Monday: The kids had no school because it was President's Day... or as Josie was calling it, "Obama Day". ;) It was a yucky, rainy day, so we spent the better part of the afternoon making and decorating sugar cookies. Yes, from scratch! Okay, let me give you a second to be impressed....

and... done.

Tuesday: Those darn strawberry stumps.

Wednesday: Davis painting his Pinewood Derby car... yes, it's a shark. Yes, he finally let me see it. Yes, it's completely rad. Yes, my husband rocks. ;)

Thursday: Libby was cranky all damn day... she was snuggling up with Phil in the afternoon because she was upset (big surprise...usually she's all about being a Mama's girl...) I went to take a picture of her grouchiness, and all I got was a big smile. Little stinker.

Friday: Josie chopping veggies for the guinea pigs... she is such a big help, and LOVES her 'babies'.

Saturday: Davis eating breakfast from his "Special Day Plate" before the big Pinewood Derby, which, by the way, he won FIRST PLACE in his rank with his shark-a-riffic car. And yes, my husband rocks. ;)

Sunday: Some examples of the projects that I spent almost the ENTIRE weekend teaching at the scrapbook store. It was 'Make and Take' weekend, so I must have demo-ed this thank you note, and this mini-album... oh... about ten million times?!! Well, give or take a million.

And I just realized that there is no journaling on Sunday's card... I was soooo eager to get this week posted that I jumped the gun. Oops!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lunching with Libby

I've always heard that the baby of the family is the 'clown'...well, Libby is meeting that role to a 'T' in our family. She keeps us laughing with her antics, her silly faces, and her comedy routines.

This video was today at lunch... she sat across from me and Phil at the table, and had us both cracking up. I finally just had to take some video of her, and I thought, "What a great idea to post it on my blog!" Of course this was before I knew that it took approximately 15 minutes to upload a dang video.

So, a little off-topic...I have always had a mantra with Josie (my oldest). Whenever she was little, and would say, 'Don't I look pretty?', I would tell her that yes, she was pretty, beautiful, in fact, but I'd remind her that being smart and nice is far more important. Somebody once told me that little girls often hear that they are pretty or cute, and begin to value that. So as a result, Josie can practically recite in her sleep... "It's nice to be pretty, but being smart and a nice person are more important!" I know... it's a tad ridiculous, I guess.

So last week, after I fixed Libby's hair and put one of her many bows in it, she was looking in the mirror...

Libby: "Oooooh, I am SO beautiful!"

Me: "Yes, you are beautiful! But what is even more important than being beautiful?"

Libby (thinking hard...): "Um..."

Me (in my 'prompting' voice): "It's nice to be pretty, but it's even better to beeee..." (waiting)

Libby: "Cute?"

Yes, Libby, it's even better to be cute. And cute you are. ;)

Project 365 Layout from a week ago...

Nope, not last week... the week before that... the week before Valentine's Day...

I'm keeping up with the scrapbook, just not keeping up with it on the blog as well! The weeks are running together. Here it is 2009, and I haven't done many of the things I thought I would have done by this point!

Case in point: I still have not finished my novel. I still have not grown taller than 5'2". AND I never became a Solid Gold Dancer, which was my childhood dream. So many things unaccomplished ;)

Anyway... the week's layout:

Monday: It was a rainy, yuck morning, and I drove the kids to school super early to beat the rush. Just wanted to snap a picture for posterity. (for the rain... not the fact that we got to school early!)

Tuesday: Spring cleaning week at the Linson house!! Soooo much fun, right? Well, maybe not fun, but gotta love that 'clean house' feeling. I told Phil we just need to pretend that the house is on the market, and keep it that clean.

Wednesday: Josie is learning to fix her own hair in the mornings before school. We've worked on it and practiced (first with an unplugged curling iron!), and she loves being able to do it herself now! (well, Mommy still helps with the back.)

Thursday: Valentine's Day prepwork! Baking cookies for Davis's class, making cupcakes for Libby's class, and making Valentine bouquets with decorative paper flowers for the kids' teachers.

Friday: And all the Valentine's prepwork... a bust. Josie woke up with a fever, and stayed home from school, missing out on all her party fun (no worries...everything still got delivered to school.) Nema brought us two new movies, though, which cheered up Josie immensely :)

Saturday: Davis working diligently on his Pinewood Derby car... No, I don't actually have any idea what he's doing in this picture. Phil took it. What I do know is that he looks super cute in his safety goggles! Awwww...

Sunday: Libby at her pal, Aiden's birthday party! It was a robot themed party, and she created a robot with pretzel sticks and marshmallows, bit his head off, and declared that 'Mommy, you can eat the rest!' Um... thank you? ;)

Friday, February 20, 2009

That just chaps my... ;)

A&D ointment… It’s the new black. It’s useful. It has Vitamins A and D in it…oh wait, I’m just now getting that. Hmmm.

Lots of uses…

Use it for diaper rash. Well, YOU go ahead and use it for diaper rash. WE don’t have to worry about that anymore. Hold on a minute while I do my ‘happy and smug dance’. ;)

Use it for minor burns… you know the ones you get on your forehead from the curling iron when you’re yelling at one of the kids to get dressed for school while you’re trying to get ready, too. THIS is why I usually just stay in my pajamas until everyone is gone for the day. It’s for my own safety.

Use it for chapped lips. That’s what we’ve been using it for lately. All the kids have allergies. They’ve all been ‘mouth breathers’ at night…so everyone has chapped lips, and we’ve kept the A&D ointment 'at the ready' to slather on lips before bedtime.

Just don’t use it as toothpaste.

Funny how much the tube of A&D looks like a tube of toothpaste when it’s next to the sink. AND it’s flipped over so you can’t see the label. AND you’re not wearing contacts. AND you’re not really paying attention because you’re too busy telling your husband funny stories from your Girls’ Night Out.

So anyway…I yelled…Phil laughed (he said he wished he could take credit for it as a prank.)

AND I bought a new toothbrush today.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pilfering produce...

Yesterday, when I went to make lunches for school, I noticed something unusual about the strawberries that Phil had bought the day before at H.E.B. Seems that he purchased a carton of strawberries that had one bite out of every single strawberry…hmmmm…

Okay, not really, but imagine my surprise when I discovered a plastic container full of half-bitten strawberries! Well, actually… imagine my irritation. Imagine the rounding up of the usual suspects. Imagine the inquisition. And so it goes…

The culprits were two children that happen to live in my home. I won’t tell you who they are, but here’s a hint… one is a boy, and one is a girl who’s NOT named Josie. Seems they decided to help themselves to strawberries yesterday for breakfast, took one bite out of each one, and put the ‘stumps’ back in the carton, which they then put back in the fridge (the picture doesn't do it justice... I had already taken out most of the ones that just had small bites out of them)

Where was I during the strawberry sneakiness? Oh, I don’t know… Upstairs? In the shower? In the laundry room? Who can even tell? If you’ve got kids, you know it doesn’t take much time for them to get into mischief, raid the pantry and/ or the fridge, make long distance phone calls to Hong Kong, or accidentally set a closet on fire (that, by the way, was NOT my kids… that was my kid brother when he was about 4… long story… another blog. ;)

So, wasting food is a big no-no in our house (as I’m sure it is in yours)…and we’ve had this discussion before. Like the times when I’ve found an apple with two bites out of it in the trash can. Sorry, but that just doesn’t fly with me. Unless there’s a worm bitten in half in that darn apple…don’t throw it away. YOU got the apple out of the fridge… finish it (well at least finish MOST of it.)

Anyway, I decided there should be a consequence for the strawberry waste. Both of the offenders will be giving me a dollar out of their piggy bank to buy a new carton of strawberries. Yes, I know… call me harsh. Feel free to make the comment on my blog that I’m the meanest mommy ever (trust me…I’ve heard it before from shorter people than you! Hah!) But, seriously, it wasn’t like it was just a few half-bitten strawberries in the carton… it was EVERY SINGLE ONE. Hopefully they will think twice before being wasteful with food.

But if you think making them replace the strawberries is mean, I guess I should NOT tell you that two of my children have ‘strawberry stumps’ in their lunches today. (Hey, at least I washed them!! ;) I don’t expect that they will actually eat them, but it’s a lesson…one of those ‘logical consequences’ things.
What's that you say? I'm a 'mean mommy'? Yes, I know... the 'berry bandits' already mentioned that. ;)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Conversations with my kid

It never ceases to amaze me how different my kids are from one another. Yes, they all have a knack for doing the same things to send me over the edge, like leaving their shoes in the middle of the kitchen floor while I am trying to get dinner finished (um… okay, you got me…trying to get dinner started.) But on the whole, their personalities are remarkably different. My girls, for example…

Josie has always been a ‘girl of few words’, a little bit quiet, a little more reserved… prompting more than one person to say, “Are you SURE she’s your kid?!” hah! Josie is our writer. Notes, stories, journal entries, letters, lists… She was even kind enough to make a chart for me this weekend when she was sick, charting her temperature and the time it was taken. ;)

Oftentimes when I check on her at night, there will be a note on her dresser for me. ‘Mom, I need clean jeans for tomorrow!’ or… ‘Can I wear these earrings?’ or …‘Davis put a fake tarantula under my pillow. Just thought you should know.’ (I swear to God. I actually took a photo of that particular note.)

And then, there’s Libby. My four year old chatterbox. My child that likes to have long, drawn out conversations in the car, in the tub, before bed, at the dinner table, at the breakfast table, at the… well, you get the idea.

This kid LOVES to talk. Sometimes when we’re in the van, and she’s quiet for a couple of minutes, she’ll shout up to me, “Wow, Mommy! Wasn’t I being QUIET?!”

And some of the stuff she comes up with just cracks me up. Usually I can’t keep a straight face at the stuff that comes out of this kid’s mouth. She loves to ask questions about all sorts of things, like “Where did I come from?” Um… “from Heaven, honey. Jesus sent you straight down from Heaven,”…to questions about college (?!!), when Josie will go to college (I just know its because she wants the bigger bedroom), if college is fun (ahem… “Yes, honey. You meet a lot of nice new people.” ;)

And after that long discussion about college, she finally asked the question:

Libby: What IS college?

Me: Well, it’s where you go to learn how to do kegstands...(I’m kidding, people!…learned that in high school anyway. ;) It’s where you go to learn what you want to be when you are a grown-up. Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

Libby (nodding her head, emphatically): A Dalmatian.

Me: Honey, you can’t be a Dalmatian. A Dalmatian is a dog. What ELSE would you like to be?

Libby (thinking…): Hmmm… a teacher?

Me (relieved): Oh, that’s a good idea! Did you know mommy used to be a teacher? What do you think you might like to teach?

Libby: Weeeellll… I would teach everyone how to be a Dalmatian.

Anybody know if they’re giving out scholarships for that?

Saturday, February 14, 2009


It is Saturday morning. A day of getting up too early (see previous posts regarding this subject!), cartoons with gratuitous violence (my kids have a ‘Tom and Jerry’ addiction. You should see my DVR list), followed by a few household chores.

Now, the boys have spent the entire morning holed up out in the workshop/ shed working with dedication. Working without a break. Working their little hearts out for a common purpose.

The Pinewood Derby.

That’s right, my friends. It’s Pinewood Derby time… and if you’re not familiar with it, every Cub Scout makes their own racing car out of a block of pine that they will race against other cars (also made out of pine… are you noticing a trend?). And it is an EVENT. Notice the capital letters. It’s a big deal, and Davis is so excited about his car. Who am I kidding? Phil is just as excited to be doing this with him.

They’ve sketched out plans. They’ve had long conversations. They’ve gotten advice from an old pinewood pro (Uncle Dave). They’ve checked out other derby cars to get ideas. Davis has made the cuts and drilled the holes for the weights, under his dad’s direction. He’s sanded and polished, and is getting ready to start the painting.

Phil is being a real stickler for making sure that Davis does most of this himself. That is, the things that don’t require possibly losing a couple of fingers in the process. That’s a pretty steep learning curve.

Now, I don’t really know of these plans. In fact, some of this is quite the foreign language to me. So far I have not been allowed to even ‘see’ the car.

Me: Can I see the car? How is it going?

Davis: No! Not yet. It’s not ready.

Me: Well, I’d like to take a picture of it for my Project 365.

Davis (thinking): Well, Daddy can take the picture.

*Sigh. So this is their ‘thing’. They are having a great time. They are bonding over this, and I guess that’s the idea. A father and son project. And if I’m lucky, I might just get a few pictures of the process, if not yet the product.

Because while building the car is important, and it will be amazing, the other things they’re building are that much more amazing and special.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Murphy's Law

There goes that darn Murphy again. What exactly is his law? I think it goes something along the lines of, “Make plans, and I’ll be happy to screw with them?” Maybe I’m not remembering it exactly…

Perhaps it is, “Plan a wedding for a year and a half, and I’ll make sure that it pours down rain on the given day… oh maybe about 12 inches in as many hours?” (Can you tell I still have unresolved issues with Murphy on THAT one?!)

Well today, Murphy’s Law goes a little something like this… “Book a Parents’ Night Out activity for all three kids, weeks in advance… plan a nice ‘pre-Valentine’ dinner out with your husband, and a game night later with other couples…and I’ll make sure that one of your children wakes up that morning with a fever!” That’s a helluva law.

I hate Murphy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shut UP!!!

I'm sorry, that was rude of me... but, HELLO?!!!! Did you see what I did down there?!! I figured out how to put an picture on an individual post!!!! Yahoo!

Check out the post from Monday! I can now leave up the picture with the intended post! Okay, just a little excited. Deep breath, Staci...

Up until this point, I've only known how to post a picture on the top and at the side of my blog, and I've had to delete pictures, even though I still have blogs that refer to said picture. Am I making sense? Anyone going back to 'catch up' on my blog has probably been a little confused. "What the hell picture is she talking about?! What is Baby Jingles?!"

At some point, I will have to go back and edit my posts to add pictures. But today's not the day. Valentine's day is creeping ever closer, and for some reason (maybe I was smoking crack at the beginning of the school year), but I am room mom for all fifteen of my children. Okay, it just FEELS like I have 15.

Okay, just had to share the excitement, and give a shout out to my pal, Shanda, who assured me that adding the pictures was as easy as getting a '2' on a mania evaluation when you serve pizza! ;) (Don't worry, you don't get it, but she will.)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sign of the times...

Today I was sitting at a red light and I happened to look to my right. Okay, actually I was double checking to make sure that no one had seen me singing my little heart out to Storyville’s Good Day for the Blues. I was in the car by myself, so the music was super loud, and I was beltin’ it out… all about how “our love is drifting…”. Seriously love that song. Love that Malford Milligan.

Sitting at the red light in the lane next to me was an older gentleman in a beat-up Ford pick-up truck. He was wearing a red plaid flannel shirt, a cowboy hat, and had a scruffy white beard. He looked like he’d just gotten finished feeding the cows and had to run ‘into town’ for a few things.

Those of you who grew up in more rural areas are familiar with this usage of ‘town’. “Town” could have nothing more than a Dairy Queen and a hardware store, but its still ‘town’, and sometimes you have to go ‘into town’ (which incidentally is completely different from the term, “goin’ to town”. But that’s yet another blog. ;)

So this grandfatherly looking farmer/ rancher dude sits back in his seat, and pulls out his Blackberry. Um, what?!! Blackberry?!! He starts texting, or making an appointment, or maybe he’s just adding ‘pick up more cow chow’ to his To-Do list. But the point is that he is completely messing with the little image in my head! Oldsters with gadgets and gizmos?!! It’s just not right.

I know we’re moving forward in this techno-savvy world, but I was just surprised to see that Farmer Hank is clearly equipped with better technology than I am. All I have is a cell phone, which I will begrudgingly text on, if the need arises. I was having Crackberry envy, sitting at the red light.

Then to further destroy the illusion, I spied a Starbucks cup in the cupholder of his ancient truck. Now, for all I know, he was using it as his ‘spit cup’ for his chewing tobacco, but at one point it WAS a Grande decaf, 1/2 fat vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso. It is 2009, after all. It’s just the sign of the times.

Onward and upward, I guess. Blackberries and Starbucks for one and all! But seriously, if my grandparents request to be my ‘friends’ on Facebook, I, for one, am just not sure how I’ll feel about it. ;)

Monday, February 9, 2009

More Project 365... losing track of the week number already!

Okay, I might be losing track, but at least I'm doing a decent job of staying caught up with this particular scrapbook! I might revamp my whole process, and only take a picture a day forever! Um... naaaaah...

So this week's pictures:

Monday: Do you SEE my husband?!! What a goofball! I just wanted a picture of him in the 3D glasses. I WARNED him that this picture would be my picture of the day. I TOLD him that it would be in the scrapbook, and as a result, would be on my blog. He didn't listen. He insisted on making a ridiculous face. Lucky for him, I love me some goofs. ;)

Tuesday: Dropping Josie off for piano lessons. I love how you can see the reflection of the van in the doors... story of my life. Dropping kids off for different activities...

Wednesday: Josie's glasses came in the mail! She couldn't wait to go get them fitted. Blue Disney Princess glasses... Uncle Dr. Dave, you so totally ROCK!

Thursday: Lunch date with Phil (minus the 3D glasses!)... we try to meet for lunch every other week or so when all the kids are in school. A quiet, unhurried lunch with no kids and actual conversation?!! Who knew that still existed?!

Friday: Libby's 'backward nap'... just thought she looked super cute.

Saturday: The registration for Camp Twin Lakes opened at 7:00 a.m. Phil was there at 7:01 a.m. He was there until 9:40 a.m. YIKES! Hard to believe the sign up for summer activities is starting in February.

Sunday: What a day to ride bikes... actually it was NOT a great day to ride. WAAAAY too windy. Crazy dust storms...dirt in eyes... crying ensued. Oh well, at least I got some cute pictures.

Stay tuned for week number... um... well, stay tuned. ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gentlemen... program your DVRs...

I have always been a ‘Seinfeld’ girl. I loved that show. I watched practically every episode, and those that I didn’t see the first time around, I caught in re-runs more than once. I have quoted them, referred to them in random conversations, and oftentimes, nobody other than another Seinfeld junkie will get the obscure references to marble ryes, Vandalay Industries, and of course… ‘No soup for you!’

But when it comes to other T.V. shows, especially sit-coms, I’m not a big follower. I might catch an occasional episode of things here and there, but nothing that is ‘must-see T.V.’ for me (or Phil, either, for that matter).

Until, that is, this weekend. I have a ‘new show’ that I plan to DVR each week. Well, it’s technically not new… in fact, this show is in its fourth season, but I had never seen it. The show? It’s called ‘How I Met your Mother’, and it is hilarious! How have I missed it?! For four years?!

A friend of mine has been a huge fan since the beginning of the show, and loaned me the first season on DVD last week, when we were at her house for Bunco. The subject of DVDs came up when the whole gang decided to try out her new ‘Bollywood Booty’ exercise/ dance DVD.

Well, by ‘try out’, I mean we watched it while we sat on the couch, drinking wine, wondering about the move called, ‘The Elk’, so named because its ‘boo-tay’ twitching movement mimics the mating dance of the elk. C’mon, do you really think I’d make that up? Check it out on

Anyway, I digress… as usual. ;)

So I borrowed the set of DVDs (NOT the Bollywood Booty ones), and on Saturday night, after we got the kids to bed, Phil and I watched the pilot episode. And then the next episode. And the next one. And the whole time, we were cracking up. Or should I say, we were LOL’ing? I might even go so far as to say I was LMAO… even ROFLMAO! Not since Seinfeld have I found a show so humorous, so wry, and so… just downright fun.

And 8…yes, EIGHT episodes later… (shameful, I know), it was 1:00 a.m., and I was still giggling about the ‘cockamouse’, the Slutty Pumpkin, and just about anything and everything that Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris) says and does. This show is… dare I say it?

Legendary. ;)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Mommy T.V.

If you were to come to my house in the middle of the day and find my television on, odds are favorable that it is tuned to CNN. Some people watch ‘The View’ or ‘Ellen’ religiously… others watch soap operas… I watch CNN Headline News. Usually I listen to it as I’m doing other things because that stupid ticker across the bottom is so darn distracting.

No, I don’t think I’m better than you or more well informed just because I watch this almost exclusively during the day (okay, well maybe I’m a *little* better. Hah! ;)

I just like watching it, especially if the kids are at school and I’m at home by myself. I want to know what’s going on in that big crazy outside world while my kids are away from me. Ever since a certain September day in 2001, I have become a news junkie. I refuse to put in a DVD or a tape while the kids are in school. It just feels unsettling to me, and I feel disconnected with the outside world. Weird, I know! (Trust me, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m weird in sooo many other ways, as well. ;)

Speaking of the television (which, yes, we were…), Libby has been on T.V. restriction for a few days. Don’t ask me what for because I can’t remember, and the restriction was instituted by Daddy while I was gone all weekend. I think it was not cleaning her room? Or not being quiet at quiet time? Or maybe she was acting like a 4 year old?!! (ahem…ahem) No Disney channel, no Nickelodeon, no movies… nada, zip, zilch.

So yesterday afternoon after the kids were home from school and having a snack, I flipped on the television. And Libby proceeds to run over and plop down onto the couch…

Davis (using his kindest voice… not!): “Libby, you’re not allowed to watch T.V.!! Mom, she can’t watch!”
(they are always so helpful in enforcing each other's punishments!)

Me: “It doesn’t matter. I’m turning it on ‘Mommy’ T.V. anyway.”

Libby (clapping her hands): “Oh goody! I love the news!”

So she is either genetically predisposed to like the news, or she’s looking for any port in a vast 'Disney-less' storm. If she can’t have Hannah Montana, she’ll settle for Anderson Cooper.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Project 365... Week 4

Oops... just realized that it's already Wednesday, and I didn't post my layout from last week! Okay, well I DID just get the pictures printed on Monday, so I guess I'm not that far behind. ;)

Soooo, this week:

Monday: Josie with her Girl Scout cookies. Yes, those dastardly cookies. Let me know if you need any. ;)

Tuesday: The pot of homemade chicken noodle soup I made because, baby, it was COLD outside!! Now just try and tell me that doesn't look delish! Oh boy, now I sound like Rachel Ray.

Wednesday: More in the 'cold' theme... little tiny icicles on one of the stop signs on our street. Not a lot of ice... not enough to delay school... but thought I'd take this cool picture anyway.

Thursday: Davis tying his shoes. It's been a long time in the process, but he finally mastered it, without us having to 're-secure' each time. He credits his friend, Ben, with showing him the 'right way'. Evidently Mommy and Daddy were just trying to teach it all wrong. And you probably can't tell, but he's sticking out his tongue in concentration. Love it!

Friday: Hanging out with my girlfriends on our weekend scrappin' retreat. I finished 36 pages!! Is our Disney vacation album finished? Not by a long shot. ;)

Saturday: Davis' Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet. He earned his Tiger rank. We're so proud! However, he refused to get the stripes painted on his face. That would have been SUCH a cute picture. As it is, this is still a pretty great picture of our scout and his proud daddy. On to Pinewood Derby!!

Sunday: At our friends' house for SuperBowl Sunday, Libby was trying out Andrew's motorcycle helmet, and his little John Deere tractor. Because doncha' know that driving a tractor can be dangerous?!! One must always wear a helmet. Especially if it looks like a Speed Racer helmet.

Fun week. Busy week. 48 fun and busy weeks left to document in this year. Wow.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What the heck do you mean?!!

Last month I dislocated my itty bitty baby pinky toe. But you knew this.

Last month after I dislocated my itty bitty baby pinky toe, I went over to the Urgent Care Clinic to get it taken care of. But you knew this, as well.

Last month, after I dislocated my itty bitty baby pinky toe, the doctor at the Urgent Care Clinic put my toe back into place with a very audible ‘pop’. You may NOT have known this. And you may now be cringing. Sorry.

The doctor did it quickly. He did it without my toe hurting too much. He used what you might call ‘surgical precision’. What I didn’t know was that it *was* technically ‘surgery’. Or at least that’s what the bill said. Um, hello?!!

That’s right, friends. The bill for my little trip to Urgent Care was well over $500. For a toe! Three words I hate to hear… “Out of Network”. The charge for the doctor to come into the room, look at my toe, and pop it back into place qualified as a ‘surgery’, and we were charged accordingly. I should have just gone to the emergency room, waited 9 hours amongst the gunshot victims and the careless chainsaw wielders, and paid the co-pay there.

So now I’m a little peeved. If I had *known* that I’d had surgery, I would have at least demanded some flowers. Damn.

Monday, February 2, 2009

She who laughs last...

When we moved back to Texas a few years ago, we re-established our football watching tradition with our college pals. Back in ‘the day’, we tailgated together before the Longhorn games. Now, most Saturdays in the fall will find us decked out in our burnt orange, hanging out at each other’s houses, eating BBQ or pizza (and of course, Cheryl’s famous bacon wrapped jalapenos!), ready to watch the game, drink beer, and swap off ‘kid duty'.

So, in the spirit of ‘all things football’, we got together for the Super Bowl last night (more to watch the commercials than the actual game.) Fun time, as always… but I felt the need to use my blog today to issue somewhat of an apology to our pals. ;)

To give you a little background, when we moved back to Texas, we were the only ones of our little group who had kids. When we moved back, we had a four year old, a two year old, and another on the way. We were tired. We were overwhelmed. We rarely made it through one of our get-togethers without a meltdown on the part of one of our children (usually a certain little boy whose name starts with a 'D').

We were always jumping up to make sure no one had killed anyone else. We were always the ones who were scrambling around to make sure that our kids didn’t destroy something. Sometimes our game watching parties were more stress than they were worth for me. And I always worried what our lovely friends must think of our completely chaotic life.

Now our friends have kids. And they all happen to have boys… (evil chuckle). Some of the cutest little guys you’ve ever laid eyes on. And our kids are now older, and a little more self-sufficient. Phil and I can now sit and enjoy the game because our kids are content to watch movies upstairs. So sometimes, when I watch our friends' boys, I get the strangest feeling of déjà-vu. Like I’ve seen this all before… because, guess what? I probably have!

So, to our friends: I apologize that all I could do was laugh when you were jumping up to yell out the window to your kids every three minutes. I’m sorry that all I could do was chuckle when they were rolling around on the floor, wrapped in blankets, and kicking over the bowl of popcorn onto the rug (and then when they ate it off the floor like little puppies? So cute.) I apologize for mine and Phil’s laughter when we watched you put them into ‘time-out’ for throwing dirt on each other. Because I’ve sooo been there, done that.

Of course, I won’t be laughing in a few years when we get to be the first of our group to have teenagers.