Monday, February 23, 2009

Lunching with Libby

I've always heard that the baby of the family is the 'clown'...well, Libby is meeting that role to a 'T' in our family. She keeps us laughing with her antics, her silly faces, and her comedy routines.

This video was today at lunch... she sat across from me and Phil at the table, and had us both cracking up. I finally just had to take some video of her, and I thought, "What a great idea to post it on my blog!" Of course this was before I knew that it took approximately 15 minutes to upload a dang video.

So, a little off-topic...I have always had a mantra with Josie (my oldest). Whenever she was little, and would say, 'Don't I look pretty?', I would tell her that yes, she was pretty, beautiful, in fact, but I'd remind her that being smart and nice is far more important. Somebody once told me that little girls often hear that they are pretty or cute, and begin to value that. So as a result, Josie can practically recite in her sleep... "It's nice to be pretty, but being smart and a nice person are more important!" I know... it's a tad ridiculous, I guess.

So last week, after I fixed Libby's hair and put one of her many bows in it, she was looking in the mirror...

Libby: "Oooooh, I am SO beautiful!"

Me: "Yes, you are beautiful! But what is even more important than being beautiful?"

Libby (thinking hard...): "Um..."

Me (in my 'prompting' voice): "It's nice to be pretty, but it's even better to beeee..." (waiting)

Libby: "Cute?"

Yes, Libby, it's even better to be cute. And cute you are. ;)


jen said...

She is sooo stinkin' cute!! Can't wait for more video blogs!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG she's so cute!
Love ya!