Friday, February 20, 2009

That just chaps my... ;)

A&D ointment… It’s the new black. It’s useful. It has Vitamins A and D in it…oh wait, I’m just now getting that. Hmmm.

Lots of uses…

Use it for diaper rash. Well, YOU go ahead and use it for diaper rash. WE don’t have to worry about that anymore. Hold on a minute while I do my ‘happy and smug dance’. ;)

Use it for minor burns… you know the ones you get on your forehead from the curling iron when you’re yelling at one of the kids to get dressed for school while you’re trying to get ready, too. THIS is why I usually just stay in my pajamas until everyone is gone for the day. It’s for my own safety.

Use it for chapped lips. That’s what we’ve been using it for lately. All the kids have allergies. They’ve all been ‘mouth breathers’ at night…so everyone has chapped lips, and we’ve kept the A&D ointment 'at the ready' to slather on lips before bedtime.

Just don’t use it as toothpaste.

Funny how much the tube of A&D looks like a tube of toothpaste when it’s next to the sink. AND it’s flipped over so you can’t see the label. AND you’re not wearing contacts. AND you’re not really paying attention because you’re too busy telling your husband funny stories from your Girls’ Night Out.

So anyway…I yelled…Phil laughed (he said he wished he could take credit for it as a prank.)

AND I bought a new toothbrush today.

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