Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What the heck do you mean?!!

Last month I dislocated my itty bitty baby pinky toe. But you knew this.

Last month after I dislocated my itty bitty baby pinky toe, I went over to the Urgent Care Clinic to get it taken care of. But you knew this, as well.

Last month, after I dislocated my itty bitty baby pinky toe, the doctor at the Urgent Care Clinic put my toe back into place with a very audible ‘pop’. You may NOT have known this. And you may now be cringing. Sorry.

The doctor did it quickly. He did it without my toe hurting too much. He used what you might call ‘surgical precision’. What I didn’t know was that it *was* technically ‘surgery’. Or at least that’s what the bill said. Um, hello?!!

That’s right, friends. The bill for my little trip to Urgent Care was well over $500. For a toe! Three words I hate to hear… “Out of Network”. The charge for the doctor to come into the room, look at my toe, and pop it back into place qualified as a ‘surgery’, and we were charged accordingly. I should have just gone to the emergency room, waited 9 hours amongst the gunshot victims and the careless chainsaw wielders, and paid the co-pay there.

So now I’m a little peeved. If I had *known* that I’d had surgery, I would have at least demanded some flowers. Damn.


jen said...

Not only flowers maybe some drugs too!! Don't you just love the medical world.


Staci said...

Good point, Jen! I should *definitely* have demanded some good painkillers! All I got was a stinkin' prescription for 800 mg. ibuprofen.

Sarah. said...

Maybe a couple of Sunshine free meals too...