Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Come to Texas!" Okay, well maybe not YOU.

Josie brought home a poster that she had designed for a class assignment. It was a poster to advertise the merits of Texas and to persuade people to come live here.

Me: "Why?"

Her: "Because that’s what we were supposed to do."

Me: "Sweetie, it's a GREAT poster... it's just that we don’t need more people in Texas. In fact there are a few people that are already here that should probably leave."

(Namely, ahem... a certain governor. Oh, and maybe he could take Tom Delay with him when he goes.)

Because I have to admit, if I didn’t already live here, I’d want to move to Texas after seeing this advertisement…

Isn't that just the damn truth?

I know what you're thinking, though... "If I moved to Texas, would I have a good life?"

You betcha.

(Even the W@l-Mart smiley face is promoting our great state...)

And if you're still undecided about whether Texas is the place for you...

I think the kid has a future in the ad business.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sexy, no?

Hi Honey.

In case you happen to be reading this, I just wanted to give you an idea for Valentine's Day.

As ridiculous as it may look, I really, REALLY want a pair of these...

It's called a 'Hoodie-Footie'. Fo reals, yo. Because it's footed jammies... with a HOOD!! It's from PajamaGram.

'Why' you ask?

Well, for starters, you'd never have to worry about my icy feet again. And I'll never have to be cold again... except that is, when I have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. And, um... I have to completely disrobe. But whatever.

Bonus?? They're available for the bargain price of ONLY $100!

Oh, and throw in a Snuggie, and a pair of those nifty 'Pajama Jeans' while you're at it.

Now don't worry, babe. I have the PERFECT gift picked out for you for Valentine's Day, too!

Our Christmas card this year is going to be so special! ;)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy, happy day :)

Our phone rang at 5:16 a.m. It was a recorded message from the school district that school had been cancelled due to inclement weather. Yay!

At 5:21 a.m., a certain little boy was next to our bed, saying, "Momma! Daddy! IT SNOWED!!!"

Phil: "We know, buddy... but it's early. Go back to bed."

Me: "Why is he up so early? Do you think the phone woke him up?"

Phil: "No. He just has a built-in 'Calvin-ometer'."

Happy Snow day, everyone! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is it REALLY only Wednesday?

1. The kids’ school district has decided to delay school by 2 hours in the morning, due to the cold weather, and the rolling blackouts. It’s an ‘energy conservation’ thing. For me, it’s a ‘stay in bed under the warm covers’ thing, but I can totally get behind the energy idea, too.

When I told Josie, she was pretty darn excited.

Until I told her it was ONLY for tomorrow, and not for the rest of her 4th grade year. Her enthusiasm was tempered just a bit.

2. How MUCH do I love my husband???

Love him!! Why, you ask? Besides the obvious reasons… (namely, that I think he is Sir Hotness, and well…he TOTALLY puts up with me)… today he booked a flight for my BFF in Colorado to come for a long weekend in June!! I’m super excited and giddy and grateful. :)

3. My boy mentioned that he wants to make a special valentine card for a girl in his class. When I asked him what is was that he liked about her, what made her the one to deserve such a special card?

His answer was… “She really likes to laugh.”

I love that. My sweet son already recognizes the importance of being with someone you can laugh with. That’s pretty high praise for a 3rd grade girl. In the future, I hope he’ll remember to look for that quality. We all deserve to have someone who will laugh at our jokes… And I want him to always have someone who ‘gets’ him and his kooky sense of humor. Or at least sometimes pretends to.

Kind of like I do with his Daddy.

P.S. Have I mentioned how much I love you, honey?? ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Two for Tuesday

1. Today I went to my Weight Watcher’s meeting, and I’ve lost over 10 pounds!! So, yay me! Guess what I did to celebrate?? If you guessed ‘bought a new pair of jeans’ or ‘got a manicure’… well, you’d be wrong.

Actually, I went and got a cheeseburger from Wendy’s. But whatever. ;) (hey! Don't judge... besides, I'm eating an apple right now to atone for my sins.)

2. Here’s a picture that my kid drew… it totally cracked me up. Not as much the picture as her description of it.

Josie: "Momma, look what I drew..."

Me: "That is too funny! Look at how scared the marshmallow is, and how devious the graham cracker and chocolate look! You’re such a great artist."

Josie: "Well, I guess the graham cracker *does* look devious. But that chocolate bar? He’s downright crazy."