Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting a weight off my chest...

Some of you may know that I am a leader for meetings for a particular company.  No names mentioned, but it’s one of the leaders in the weight loss industry.  I love it, I feel passionate about it, and I truly want to help other people get on-board and feeling good about themselves.  (and commercial ends ;)

So I was super-pumped to add a new meeting to my rotation, especially since it is practically in my backyard, and it would mean not having to leave so early to rush to get there.  Until I arrived and discovered that none of the members that attend this meeting knew that their regular leader had left.  I was stepping into a situation where no one was even aware that there was a gap. 

Awkward.  Because peeps be loyal to their leaders, yo. (Proving that I am *just* that whack.)

Anyway, the acceptable ‘company line’ for a situation such as this is: 

  “Frieda is no longer with the company.”

Turns out, though, when you are nervous, and unsure as to how you, personally, will be received upon delivery of this news… well, it can come out a lot like this:

Frieda is no longer with us.”

(Absorbing the look of shock on member’s face.)

“I know, I know.  It was unexpected.”

And when you notice the look of horror, it is perfectly acceptable to say, “Omigod!!  I mean, she’s ALIVE and everything!”  Nope, not weird at all.

It just becomes really awkward when you get a case of the nervous giggles while you are saying it.

I wish I could say this happened only once.

I’m FAIRLY certain that no one left thinking that their former leader had gone on to that big meeting in the sky.  But now that I think about it, I *did* tell a few people that while I would do my very best, and they would grow to LOVE me, that it was perfectly okay to be sad and miss Frieda.

Hmmm.  Could get really, really awkward next week.