Monday, February 23, 2009

Project 365 Layout from a week ago...

Nope, not last week... the week before that... the week before Valentine's Day...

I'm keeping up with the scrapbook, just not keeping up with it on the blog as well! The weeks are running together. Here it is 2009, and I haven't done many of the things I thought I would have done by this point!

Case in point: I still have not finished my novel. I still have not grown taller than 5'2". AND I never became a Solid Gold Dancer, which was my childhood dream. So many things unaccomplished ;)

Anyway... the week's layout:

Monday: It was a rainy, yuck morning, and I drove the kids to school super early to beat the rush. Just wanted to snap a picture for posterity. (for the rain... not the fact that we got to school early!)

Tuesday: Spring cleaning week at the Linson house!! Soooo much fun, right? Well, maybe not fun, but gotta love that 'clean house' feeling. I told Phil we just need to pretend that the house is on the market, and keep it that clean.

Wednesday: Josie is learning to fix her own hair in the mornings before school. We've worked on it and practiced (first with an unplugged curling iron!), and she loves being able to do it herself now! (well, Mommy still helps with the back.)

Thursday: Valentine's Day prepwork! Baking cookies for Davis's class, making cupcakes for Libby's class, and making Valentine bouquets with decorative paper flowers for the kids' teachers.

Friday: And all the Valentine's prepwork... a bust. Josie woke up with a fever, and stayed home from school, missing out on all her party fun (no worries...everything still got delivered to school.) Nema brought us two new movies, though, which cheered up Josie immensely :)

Saturday: Davis working diligently on his Pinewood Derby car... No, I don't actually have any idea what he's doing in this picture. Phil took it. What I do know is that he looks super cute in his safety goggles! Awwww...

Sunday: Libby at her pal, Aiden's birthday party! It was a robot themed party, and she created a robot with pretzel sticks and marshmallows, bit his head off, and declared that 'Mommy, you can eat the rest!' Um... thank you? ;)

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jen said...

Very nice. I just found out that if I click on the picture it gets bigger so I can see the picture better.