Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Her daddy is so proud...

Davis: "Libby, when you start kindergarten, you’ll learn lots of new stuff."

Libby: "I will?"

Davis: "Yep. You’ll learn to read… you’ll learn about plants… you’ll learn about the sun… oh, and the planets."

Libby: "I know the planets."

Davis: "No, you don’t!"

Libby: "Well, I know three…"

Davis (challenging): "Which ones?"

Libby (thinking hard): "Earth…


and Hoth."

Jeez. I can’t believe she didn’t even *mention* Alderaan. ;)


Anonymous said...

Actually....she probably didn't mention it because it was destroyed by the Empire. Remember? Geez!

Love ya mom,


Stacy said...

Does Cloud City count as a planet? Ask Davis for me, will ya?