Friday, July 8, 2011

"Good God, man! You almost got The Cheese Touch!"

Yummy, right? Just what every kid wants for their birthday... a slice of moldy cheese.

Well, for a certain 'Diary of Wimpy Kid' super-fan, it was a little slice of 'AWESOME-NESS'.

Technically, it was a 'Diary of Wimpy Kid' party by default. I was left scrounging for party invitation ideas when my husband deemed the 'oh-so freakin adorable' robot invitations I had made as, "um... a little baby-ish for a 9 year old, doncha' think?"

Dammit. It was true, I guess. Somehow, when I wasn't looking, my kids started doing the most obnoxious thing... growing up.

Anyway, the invitations were Wimpy Kid (and they, too, were 'oh-so freakin awesome', and adorable in their own right. *sigh), and the cake was just the perfect thing to fit this new party theme. (And we all KNOW how much I love my party themes, am I right?!?)

I took it to Austin's Park and Pizza for his party, and I finally ended up covering the cellophane window on the cake box with napkins.

People would walk past the table, peer over, and do a serious double-take. I can only imagine what they were thinking... "What in the hell did that kid do to deserve THAT??"

But it was a hit with the birthday boy, and his friends, and they all ate HUGE chunks of the cake, even though they initially expressed concern about whether they should it with their fingers crossed (that keeps you from getting The Cheese Touch, you see?)

I think the boys' favorite part of the cake experience, though?

All those jokes after the candles were blown out, and wishes were made...

"Mrs. Linson, did you just cut the cheese??!"

Gotta love nine year old boys ;)

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