Thursday, June 16, 2011

Loving summertime lists!

Things I am loving right now about summertime

1. The public library… trips to the public library, that is. Taking the kids to the library has always been a bit of an adventure, but now that they’re getting a little older, it’s definitely easier.

No toddlers wandering around, pulling books off of any shelf they can reach, no emergency diaper changes in the tiny bathroom (without a changing table, of course), and now my book bag is significantly lighter with a few chapter books for each kid, instead of 42 picture books for each visit.

2. The racquetball court at our community center.

Not that I’ve suddenly taken up a mean game of racquetball, but we’ve discovered that the court makes a perfect twirling practice studio. High ceilings, wood floors, relatively sound proof… it has made getting ready for the state competition next weekend that much easier.

And now that she is doing more complicated tricks and tosses, I don’t have to worry about flying batons in my front entryway, or the big window over the front door. ;)

3. Teaching the kids how to cook some basics. So far this week, we’ve had spaghetti, grilled cheese, and enchilada casserole.

And lots of brownies. What can I say? They like to bake brownies.

Things I don’t miss this summer

1. Homework.

2. Packing lunches. Oh, I still feed everyone at lunchtime (well, USUALLY), I just don’t have to use annoying little sandwich bags.

3. Swim team. Yes, I’m a lazy mom and I didn’t sign the kids up for the Marlins this summer. I admit that last summer I was overwhelmed and grouchy with all those practices by the time the season was finished. 3 kids… 3 different practices… EVERYDAY. But in my defense, when I mentioned to the kids that we might not do swim team this summer, their response was something along the lines of…

“Eh. Okay.”

And I was all like, “SERIOUSLY?? I KILLED myself in the hot sun last summer for nothing???!”

4. Definitely don’t miss… the 28.8 pounds I’ve lost. :) (Sorry… just had to get that in there…Hot diggity!)

Of course, if the kids don't learn to make anything other than brownies, I might have a different story to tell.

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sarah. said...

Sure, blame the brownies on the kids.