Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Josephine?

With all the news coverage surrounding Hurricane Gustav as of late, imagine my surprise to discover that coming down the pike was, of all things... Tropical Depression Josephine. Now, I'm almost positive there has never been a Hurricane Staci. (okay, nope, just googled it... there has officially been no Hurricane with my name!)

And now, quite possibly, there may be a hurricane with the same name as my oldest child... I can picture the headlines now: "Josephine causes flooding in low lying areas." "Residents in the Gulf Coast are being warned to take cover from Josephine." (word of note: there *was* a Hurricane Josephine in 1984 and a tropical storm in 1996!)

Not that I want it to be destructive, mind you , it's just that so many of those headlines mirror what is happening in our own home with our own Josephine now that she is newly 8 years old. Going from mild tropical storm to full blown hurricane in a very brief time span... A change in the wind pattern, and she completely changes her path...

In much the same way, our Josie can go from easy going, loving kid to a spiteful big sister who screams at her siblings and slams doors. Yep, in a heartbeat. The same child that is loved by all her friends and teachers can turn on a dime, and tell her brother and sister... 'that's fine... I'm not playing with you EVER AGAIN!' (usually because they didn't want to play 'her way'). "GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!!" is frequently heard in our home, as well. And the destruction of her bedroom in the wake of a playdate... don't even get me started!

It's hard to predict what a hurricane is going to do...
Welcome to life with Josephine ;-)

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