Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The joke's on you!

What parent hasn’t listened to their fair share of ‘kid jokes’?

If you have kids, you've done the fake laugh, the 'trying very hard to sound legit' chuckle, and have said, 'Oh that was a good one!' to jokes that make absolutely no sense. I personally have said “Who’s there?” so many times to invented Knock-knock jokes, that sometimes I think I must sound like a parrot.

Them: “Knock knock?”

Me: “Who’s there?”

Them: “Cow.”

Me: “Cow who?”

Them: “Cow poo!!!” (Insert maniacal giggling here… this is of course followed by 'monkey poo', 'camel poo', and 'snail poo' jokes.)

Or even better…

Them: “Mom, say ‘Knock knock’.”

Me: “Knock knock.”

Them: “Who’s there?”

Me: “Um…”

They get me every damn time with that. ;)

I do have to say that Davis has actually turned into a pretty good joke teller… I mean, he does have a great sense of humor, not to mention the best comedic timing. Here’s one of his jokes that I loved:

Davis: “What do pirates say if you try to take their stuff?”

Me: “I don’t know. What do pirates say if you try to take their stuff?”

Davis: “That’s ours!” (That’s AAARR’s!)

So, that just totally cracked me up. But of course, that was all the encouragement my gang needed to bombard me with pirate ‘jokes’ until I was ready to walk the plank just to save my own sanity. Libby has the pirate 'joke' down to her own personal art form. They are loosely modeled after the pirate joke her brother told…

So far today, these have been some of Libby’s 'jokes':

“What does one pirate say to another one when he wants to talk on the phone? Call!”

“What does the pirate say when he wants to jump? Jump!”

“What does a pirate drive in? A car!” After this particular joke, I told her, “Oh, I get it! A 'cAAARRr'?”

This was followed by a look of utter disdain on her part… “No, Mommy. A car. Just a plain car.”

Hmmm… maybe I should just stick with “Who’s there?”


jen said...

Davus needs to call Allie and tell her the jokes. She loves jokes.

Amy said...

Evan: "Where's the coldest place an ant can live? ANTarctica!" So very, very proud...