Monday, April 11, 2011

Things I do that make my husband crazy...

1. When I load the dishwasher. Or should I say, when I *attempt* to load the dishwasher. Evidently I’m not very good at it.

In my mind, a dishwasher is supposed to actually WASH dishes. Phil insists that every dish must be hand-washed prior to being washed in the dishwasher. WHAAAT???

So he is and has been on all dish duty in our home for the last, oh about, 14 years. It works for us.

2. When I don’t put gas in the car when the warning light comes on, and instead I drive home and park in the garage. In my defense, I always plan to get gas FIRST THING when I leave again. Is it my fault that without fail, he is always the next one to drive that vehicle??

What can I say? It's a system that works for us. Okay, admittedly it works a little better for me.

3. When I go on an evening walk with a friend, and shortly after, bust @$$ back inside, yelling at him to grab the keys because I’ve found an armoire that one of our neighbors has put out with a ‘FREE~ TAKE ME!’ sign on it.

I know, right?!? I decided on the spot that I needed it for the playroom. And it was free.

Plus? I couldn’t lift the stupid thing all by myself without worrying about busting a gut (literally… I had hernia surgery less than 6 months ago.)

4. Some of my television choices. Namely… my obsession with the show, ‘Sister Wives’ on TLC.

I can’t help it. I am completely and utterly fascinated with this show (otherwise known as ‘The Real Housewives of Utah ;) And yes, I am aware that most Mormons are not actually polygamists, and that this family is the exception to the rule.

I have told Phil we should consider getting ourselves one of those ‘sister wives’. Maybe one that knows how to properly load the dishwasher and put gas in the mini-van.

Oh, and doesn’t mind a little heavy-lifting. ;)

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Jen said...

I miss Phil doing our dishes. That was the cleanest our dishes have ever been:)