Monday, March 2, 2009


Having lunch with all three kids. No easy or quiet proposition. But on occasion, pretty hilarious.

On the kids’ restaurant ‘to-do’ list: color the parrot on the coloring/ activity sheet. Eat some tortilla chips and salsa. Get halfway through the wordsearch on the activity page before you spill your milk on it. Cry over spilled milk. Listen to your parents sigh. Eat more tortilla chips. Look over the back of the booth to see what the kids behind you are eating. Ask your parents if YOU can have ice cream, too! Listen to your parents say ‘no’. Settle for tortilla chips.

And at this point, we’ve only just sat down (seriously), and the waiter that took our order has officially gone on break, mid ‘tea pour’… we’ve got some time to kill.

The five of us are sitting there chatting, talking about school, scouts, etc., eating the bits of tortilla chips that are at the bottom of the chip basket (where IS that waiter, anyway?!), and Philip takes the opportunity to make a really silly face in response to something one of the kids said (and if you need hard evidence that my husband can make some seriously silly faces, refer to Project 365 blog:

At this point, Josie asks him, in all seriousness, like she is conducting an interview or perhaps doing research for her 2nd grade thesis… “Hey, Daddy? Where’d you LEARN that dork-face?”

I just about shot tea out of my nose at that one. Where did you learn that dork-face?!! Um, hello?!! He learned it at Dork-Face College.

So, you know me… I couldn’t resist a photo op of the kids goofing around for the camera in typical ‘Dork-Face’ style. Hence the proliferation of ‘Dork-Face’ pictures currently on my camera from lunch that afternoon, and now the one that is gracing my blog (aren’t you so glad I learned how to add pictures to my blog?!) And just like that, we have a new term that will forever be part of our family’s language legacy. ;)

So if I call you a 'Dork-Face', it's out of love.


jen said...

I think that when adding a new word to your family's vocab. Dork-Face seems about right :)

Miss all of you!!


Kris with a K said...

That comma placement can be very important! "Where did you learn that Dorkface?" or "Where did you learn that, Dorkface?"

So which was it?? LOL!!