Thursday, June 11, 2009

All signs point to 'Yes'!

I saw the best sign the other day. It was the sign in front of a church near my house.

Now I’ve seen all kinds of cutesy, wordsy little signs…often at churches. You know the ones… the glass front marquee signs with the plastic black letters that are formed in an endless variety of charming, witty & uplifting commentary. Okay, well maybe they’re not all witty and charming. Some can be a little heavy-handed (in a ‘brick over the head’ sort of way… )

The best ones, in my opinon, are short, to the point, and I certainly don’t mind the occasional pop culture reference… “God has requested you to be his friend… and not just on Facebook”. That’s just the G-man, keepin’ it real.

And who comes up with these, anyway? Especially the good ones? No church I’ve ever been a member of has requested a crackteam of marquee sign writers in the weekly bulletin. Hand bell choir… yes. Inspirational, yet wry poets…no.

Anyway, the one I saw said simply, “Happiness is a decision”.

It resonated with me. Why? Because so many people these days are not happy with their lives… or their homes… or their situations.

And, trust me… I, too, have my own moments of discontent. Yes, even me… little Mrs. Home-maker, cake-baker, carpool-taker, leaf-raker (okay, I don’t really rake the leaves… it rhymed nicely, though! LOL) Moments when I think back to how much simpler life was ‘before’… before kids, before a mortgage, before anyone really expected too much from me. Back when my biggest concern was bangs or no bangs? (I still haven't fully discovered the answer to that question, BTW...)

Would I trade it all in, though? Heck, no. Because as challenging as being an adult can sometimes be, I truly believe that we can make the conscious decision in our lives to focus on the positive, count our blessings... to look around, take stock, and feel grateful for everything we've been given.

Make the decision to be happy. If we could all just ‘sign on’ for that… :)


jen said...

I for one have chose happiness. It is just easier!! It takes too much effort to be upset with things in your life!!

Staci said...

Jen, my friend, you are my 'poster child' for "CHOOSE HAPPINESS". I admire you every damn day... ;)

jen said...

Now you are going to make me cry!! Thanks my friend!!

Veronica said...

Well, that was a load of crap!!! Just kidding. Very true!!! Thanks for the reminder. Missed you!

Kris with a K said...

I am all for the "silver lining" approach to things. And know what? it's contagious, esp with the kiddos...I don't want to give whining negative people to the world!

Keese Klan said...