Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Dolls...

So yesterday was a Girls Day Out. And when I say ‘girls’, I mean all of us… me, my mom, my sis-in-law, our four daughters, and four American Girl dolls.

We made the pilgrimage to the American Girl store in Dallas, and many thanks to Nema (my Momma) for treating our dolls to the salon service of EAR PIERCING!!


The dolls got their ears pierced in the ‘Salon’, and they each got earring sets. This is a far cry from the way I used to pierce MY own dolls’ and Barbies’ ears… with the straight pins from my mother’s pincushion. My own personal voodoo dolls.

But we had a wonderful time, and the girls had a blast picking out a little something for their American Girls, whether it was an outfit (Josie) or a stuffed pet dog (Libby). I tried to steer her toward all the cute clothes, but evidently her doll needed a pet Chocolate Lab puppy more than ANYTHING!

Me: “Look, honey! Here’s a ballet outfit!

Libby: “I want Chocolate Chip.”

Me: "Or a chef’s apron and hat… or a figure skater costume?”

Libby: “Chocolate Chip.”

Me: “Oh, and there’s a Chilean Miner outfit! Hardhat with light optional.”

(Okay, not really. They were sold out of those.)

Libby (at high volume): “There’s nothing else in this store for Libby except Chocolate Chip! Nothin’!”


But after we’d totaled our bills (which were itty-‘Bitty baby’ ~ha!~ bills compared to some of the people around us. Some folks are doing their part to revive the economy in one afternoon at the AG store, evidently), I was still left shaking my head and saying, ‘For doll clothes? Doll clothes?!!’

Which brought out my inner Martha. Oh yes, that b*tch is back, and last night, she was on a tear, in a pink-tinted, ‘We just paid $25 for a sundress for a doll’ haze.

So with pattern in hand, iced tea next to me (hey, it’s not diet Coke!), and my wise and knowledgeable Momma in the room with me to answer my multitude of questions, I made these…

No really, I did. The little dresses, the leggings, and the head scarves. *I* made them… all by myself!

I finished around midnight, fought the urge to wake up my girls so they could see their dolls in their new, ‘custom-made’ (you say ‘homemade’, I say ‘custom’… tomatoes, to-mah-toes) outfits, and sank into a post-creativity coma.

I just had to share with y'all. I just had to brag. I just had to toot my own horn, I guess.

Oh, and I just had to ask… does anyone happen to have a pattern for a Chilean Miner outfit for a doll?

Thanks in advance. ;)


Wendy said...

no miner pattern, but i can get you a hard hat and you can glue a light on it :)

Shanda Boatright said...

Nice job! And Dave Ramsey would be so proud of you ;)

Stacy said...

Wow. That is really impressive. Way to go Staci!