Wednesday, October 8, 2008

These t-shirts are making me blue...

The countdown to Disneyworld has begun. And my stress level is rising. There’s too much to do in the week before we get to the happiest friggin’ place on earth…

Sorry… venting.

I went to the Disney store today to try to buy matching T-shirts for the kids. Yes… you read that correctly. Matching T-shirts for every damn day we’re there. I’m not just nervous about losing one of the children, I also want them to be color-coordinated in my pictures (scrapbookers everywhere are nodding their heads right now… or at least Wens is! You know what I’m talking about, girl. I’ve seen YOUR pictures ;-)

Luckily for me, they were having a sale. Most unluckily for me, they were having a sale. Whenever the Disney store has a sale: 1. I spend waaaay too much money. 2. I can never find the right sizes that I need of what I went in for. Soooo… 3. I end up buying a bunch of stuff I didn’t intend to buy and that we don’t necessarily need. (I call it ‘stocking up’). Which brings us ever so nicely back to #1.

You wouldn’t really think it would be that difficult to find matching shirts for three kids, would you? It’s not like I was trying to get all 5 of us to match (wow, wouldn’t Phil just looove that?) But there just weren’t very many items that were ‘gender neutral’. So unless we want Davis explaining to his future therapist about the Disney princess shirts we made him wear on our trip, they’re not going to be ‘technically’ matching.

I then decided that as long as the colors matched, that would work for my obsessive, compulsive picture taking tendencies. Well even that proved to be a bit of a challenge. Most of the girls’ shirts are in pastels, and the boy shirts are primary colors. Does Disney not understand my dilemma?!! Is it too much to ask for matching red classic Mickey Mouse shirts? Apparently, it is.

The ladies working in the store seriously hated me, I’m sure. I just kept unfolding shirts and muttering to myself… ‘This is a medium?! It looks way too big. Oh, and OF COURSE they don’t have *that* one in a small!’ I know they were eyeballing me, calculating how long it was going to take to put their display back together. And also wondering how long it would be before the ‘crazy lady’ actually bought something.

I managed to find a few shirts that were similar enough in color to meet my once rigorous, now exceedingly altered, specifications. Blue is blue is blue, right?! The ‘characters’ on the fronts are all different, but for heaven’s sake, they’re all blue! Libby’s might drag to her knees, but it’s blue!! Blue, I tell you!

I think I need a vacation.


jen said...

At least you know your burnt orange day will be an easy one to get ready :)

Shanda said...

Too funny, but spoken like a true scrapbooker...always coordinating!

Have a blast on your trip!

Aggieangler said...


Here's the deal. Having a picture with everyone wearing the same color was probably cool 30 years ago when we were little (well probably not...neither was terry cloth), but I am fairly certain that it would be considered gay, EVEN by disney standards today! That's right, I said it. Go back and read it again! LOL

Don't worry about t-shirts. Life is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too short! Besides, Phil looks awesomer without one! :)'re going on a well deserved vacation.


ps....I try this one on my wife each time too. Never ever ever works. Oh me hardheaded!

Anonymous said...

Oh!!! Dear God Staci!!!!!! I have to agree with Jeff!!! Your kids are going to give you such crap in a few years for that one!!!!
xoxoxo Tonya