Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A short conversation...

Some of the most interesting conversations occur in my van, while I'm driving kids from one activity to the next. Today for example:

Davis: Why are cats so popular?

Me: What do you mean?

Davis: People like cats. Why?

Me: Well, some people love cats. And some like dogs. And some like both.

Davis: Dogs are friendlier. They lick people. Cats don't lick people.

Me: Well, actually, I guess cats *CAN* lick people. If a cat licks you, you'll feel that their tongue feels scratchy, kind of like sandpaper.

***Okay, this is what I MEANT to say, but I was interrupted in the middle of my sentence.

This is what was actually said:

Me: If a cat licks you, you'll-

Josie (shouting): GET RABIES!

I started laughing so hard, I almost ran over a cat. ;)


jen said...

Got to love the questions our kids have and the answers their siblings give.

Veronica said...

My kids have a little not-so-nice song they sing in Spanish about cats. Sarah finally saw the cat I've been bitching about for the last 2yrs. It's really gross! You know I'm VERY dramatic. I think I'll tell my kids if they touch the cat they will DIE!