Friday, April 24, 2009

That's HAWT!!

It’s so refreshing to know that my son *does* sometimes listen to me… well, sort of listens... halfway listens, I guess.

You may remember a few days ago, I blogged about Davis calling a girl in his class, ‘hot’. Well, we had a little conversation about it, but evidently he is not alone in this behavior.

When I went to his class to be a guest reader today, I noticed that there were only girls in the classroom. His teacher told me that the boys were having a little ‘powwow’ after recess with the assistant principal, and that they would be back momentarily.

So I started the book (Harry the Dirty Dog, by the way), when the boys trooped in and sat down for the story. At this point, his teacher steps outside the classroom to talk with the assistant principal, and I see them looking in through the window in the door and laughing a little.

When his teacher comes back in, she is still giggling and whispers to me, “Remind me to tell you something kind of funny before you leave!”

Well as it turns out, the girls had been complaining to the teacher about the boys in the class calling them ‘hot’. It’s a first grade epidemic, I guess ;) And his teacher, being ‘on the ball’, had asked the assistant principal (who is male) to have a little discussion with the boys about respectful language, how to treat young ladies, things that we do or do not say to them, etc. All well and good, right?!

Afterwards, Mr. Morgan (the assistant principal) reported back to Davis’s teacher that in the midst of the discussion about using respect, etc., my son pipes up with…

“Yeah, we shouldn’t really be calling the girls that. It’s not respectful to them, and we shouldn’t call them ‘hot’ until junior high.”

Oh, dear. That wasn’t *quite* the discussion we had. ;)


Keese Klan said...

Whew - so glad Lexi is in 2nd grade and we missed all that! ha ha

jen said...

Well, he is a boy and you know how boys listen. They just hear what they want to hear!!


Staci said...

LOL... Jen, I get the distinct feeling we're not talking about 'boys', and more about 'men'! ;)