Friday, April 10, 2009

Take it from the top!

"Some... (beat)

times in our lives... (beat)

We all have pain... (beat)

We all have so-o-o-r-row.

If... (beat)

I did not hear... (beat)

This twelve times today... (beat)

There's always t-o-o-o-morrow."

That's right, my friends. It's just about piano recital time, which can only mean one thing. Listening to Josie practicing the same songs over and over and OVER again.

This year's selections are 'Lean on Me' and the theme from... wait for it...

'Star Wars'.

Oh yes, I feel like I'm walking through movie credits about half the time. I love the song, 'Lean on Me', really I do. It's inspiring, and sometimes I even get a little teary-eyed when I hear it. Especially when I remember Morgan Freeman as Principal Joe Clark, clapping softly as the the entire student body of Eastside High sings along. (...*gulp...sob! Just give me a second...)

Okay, better...

Right now, though, if I hear that song one more time, I may have to 'lean on you' because I had one too many glasses of wine ;)

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Jen said...

Tell Josie that I am looking forward to hearing the song when I come and visit.