Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Take a deep breath...

Today's picture of the day... my boy, just past midnight, getting a breathing treatment.

Darn allergies. Combine a climbing pollen count with an afternoon playdate with a little friend who is the proud owner of a dog AND a cat, and voila! Coughing and wheezing...

I have to say that my darling husband was NOT very happy with me taking pictures of Davis, 'mid-treatment' in the wee hours.

He remembers as a kid getting breathing treatments with wet sheets draped around his bunk bed. He said he remembers it feeling pretty isolating... and that it's scary to have trouble breathing. To be sick with allergies so often, getting allergy shots, having to stay inside, etc. (made me just want to hug the little snotty-nosed kid he must have been) ;)

So, I explained to Davis that I wanted this to be my 'picture of the day' for our Project 365 album (lately my kids have been 'staging' things for me to take pictures of for the 'picture of the day'... more about that later.)

I told him, "Dude, some days you're winning the Pinewood Derby... some days you're getting nebbed. That's just how we roll."

And isn't that just the damn truth? One of my favorite things to say... "Life isn't always rainbows and bubbles."

So I want to remember this. The good, the not so good... sometimes even the downright 'crap' parts. And that's what I want my Project 365 album to reflect.

Being a parent is sometimes just hard, scary work, and our life as a family is NOT always rainbows and bubbles, birthday parties and trips to the zoo.

Sometimes, it's phlegm, cough medicine, and nebulizers. And all we can do is snap a picture, and try to make a little boy smile in the middle of the night.

Peace out...


Kris with a K said...

AbsoLUTEly I would have snapped that photo! You have now documented it....and it's so true: sometimes you are the bear, sometimes you are the bunny. Have I told you that joke?

It's not all rainbows, and you are teaching your kids how to handle the storms in a healthy way.

Kudos, momma.

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy. I had to do the same thing when I was little and yes it is scary, but I think it's more scary for the parents then the kids. I love keeping up wiht you by reading these.

Take care!
Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Too true my friend. Allie was shocked to see her bud doing the same thing she does.

Shanda Boatright said...

Can't say your crazy for snappin' the photo as I have done the same thing!

Brynn knows his pain....regular breathing treatments have been part of her daily routine these days.

Hang in there!