Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And now... I'm back!

Darn kids.

They just haven’t said anything goofy or silly enough for me to blog about in the last few days. I even begged Libby yesterday, “Say something funny for Mommy’s blog.” She actually looked at me, and with her silliest voice, mimicked… “Say something funny for the blog!” Lucky for her she’s so stinkin’ cute. I don’t think she knows how serious this blogging business is. I’m saving them all for her future boyfriends to read when she’s older, though. I think the embarrassment alone will keep her from dating. (well… maybe I’ll delete the ‘stripper’ one.)

Davis had a couple of blog-worthy moments this weekend during the Texas game, but in the excitement of the big victory (#1 in the AP poll, my friends!), I promptly forgot what they were. It was JUST that kind of a game. At one point during the game, I yelled so loudly at the television that Davis said, “Mom! Don’t yell like that! You scared the crap outta me.” Um… hello?! I immediately told him that ‘crap’ is not a very nice word, and I wanted to know where he heard that kind of language, but that first I wanted to watch the replay of that ‘damn sweet interception’. Excuse me, here, but I was a Longhorn long before I was a Mommy.

Josie, on the other hand, is far too busy packing and re-packing all the necessities for Disneyworld to give me any comments for the blog. And when I say ‘necessities’, it is in the loosest possible terms…Stuffed Lady dog from Lady and the Tramp? Check! Hannah Montana t-shirts? Check! Minnie Mouse ears that were a gift from the Levines when she was 7 months old? Check! You think I’m joking?! You wouldn’t believe how much one 8 year old can cram into a backpack. If she tried to carry that thing around the theme park, somebody could potentially mistake her as Quasimodo from Disney’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame” (um, yes, I know…quite possibly Disney’s worst movie ever!)

Well, what about Phil, you may ask? Can I count on him to give me some fodder for the blog? Well, those of you that have been to Planet Linson, personally (the place, not just the blog) KNOW that I’m the funny one. Just kidding, honey… people think that YOU’RE funny too. (Everyone just nod your head…) Besides, Philip’s been a little busy too. Working a lot, being SuperDad… not to mention that he now has to pick up and drop off his own dry-cleaning. (Yay for the loyal blog-readers… you know just to what I’m referring!)

Clearly, I’m going to have to branch out. I can’t always count on my family to give me stuff for my blog. I guess everyone’s just going to have to watch out. So, mind your p’s and q’s, people, or I might just have to put you in my blog. Don’t worry… its relatively painless. Just ask Jim.

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Anonymous said...

You need to really be on the look out for things to blog about, because these last couple of days waiting for a new blog were very difficult on me:) Your blog is part of my daily routine and I get saddend when their isn't anything new. I have been mentally preparing myself for you time off while at Disney!!