Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter morning...

Picture it. This morning, headed to church with our three cherubs in tow. All fresh faced, hair curled, new bows, new Easter outfits… fresh off a morning of bingeing on marshmallow PEEPS.

Amazing how quiet three kids can get with baskets full of candy. Nary a word was spoken as they ripped into their goodies, stuffing their mouths full of chocolate and jellybeans. ‘So sorry, I can’t talk right now… I’m biting the head off this bunny!’

So anyway, later in the morning, we are walking into church, surrounded by other families dressed in their Easter best, ready to give thanks to our Risen Lord, when…

Libby: “Davis, remember that time?”

Davis: “Which time?”

Libby: “When we were watching Funniest Home Videos?”
(we DO love the funny video shows in our family, I must say…)

Davis: “Um, yeah?”

Libby: “And that little boy saw something and he said, ‘What the HECK is that?!!’”
(and just for the record, for such a little girl, she sure has a loud voice…)

Davis (in a stage whisper): “Libby, actually he said the *other* ‘H” word… you know… that has an ‘L’ in it, too.”

Libby: “Oh yeah! He said, ‘What the…’”

At this point, my mommy reflexes had kicked in and the rest of the phrase was uttered into my hand, which had managed to cover her mouth at just the right moment.

So she looks at me, her little brow furrowed… “Mommy, why did you DO that?”

Whaaat? Why did I cover her mouth just before she practically shouted a curse word on the doorstep of our church? Well, honey, I HAD to… I was fresh out of PEEPS.

Happy Easter, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I love it, I can picture it. So funny, way to go Mom radar!

Miss ya!

Jen said...

You can dress them up, but you just can't take them out!!

Too funny!!