Monday, April 27, 2009

Pop Culture things I wish would just go away...

*The phrase: “I love me some ____ …” fill in the blank here:
1. ‘of that’
2. ‘me’
3. ‘hot yeast rolls from Logan’s Roadhouse’,
4. ‘indiscriminate name dropping’.

*Matthew McConaughey. Now this particular belief makes me a pariah amongst my girlfriends. (Or at least that’s how I felt when I admitted this at Happy Hour last week!) But seriously, I just can’t take him. He bugs me. I don’t want to think about his sweaty pits, and I don’t want to see him down on the field at the UT games anymore. And I completely love Matt Damon for his ‘spot-on’ impression of him on Letterman…

*References to ‘Cougars’… you know, the overdressed forty-somethings who ‘prey’ on younger men and reek of desperation.

*Reality T.V. At the risk of offending my American Idol junkie friends, I think all reality T.V. shows should just go away (preferably to an island where they will be forced to ingest sheep’s eyeballs and will discover that they are completely unable to Outlive, Outlast, and Outplay)
Now, I admit, I have watched some reality T.V. in the past. Um… ‘Real World Hawaii’? Couldn’t look away from that train wreck… but, seriously? Don’t you think it’s run its course now?! Oh please, God, tell me that it’s run its course?!!

*The following words/ terms:
1. bling,
2. manscaping
3. ‘on the down low’
4. Brangelina
5. Octo-Mom
5. any invented word that contains the words ‘tweet’ or ‘twitter’ (i.e. ‘tweet-up’ or ‘twitter-licious’)

*Pontiac. What?! Oh really? Okay, never mind. ;)


jen said...

For reality tv shows do you mean the Todlers and Tiara's type or the Amazing Race type??

Bonnie said...

TOTALLY with you on the Matthew Mconapuke thing. does nothing for me at ALL.
also hate the 'love me some' phrase. but I am trying to spread 'monkey-fighthin' as much as I can!

Kris with a K said...

Well, we love Hell's Kitchen and the Amazing Race over here. Rock of Love?? A train wreck to watch and I think you can catch an STD from just watching it.

Hey....i have a great idea for a book....can't wait to tell you!

Unknown said...

Hahaha, I totally agree with the Matthew thing... He is an attractive guy but the whole no deodorant and au natural thing makes me want to be sick. Totally not worth it.

However, I live for reality shows, so I will fight you on that one :)

Renee Ketels said...

Just watched the Matt Damon clip, hahahahaha!