Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scrap it!

This was my ‘picture of the day’ for yesterday. Well if we want to split hairs, I took the picture today because I forgot to take a picture yesterday for Project 365… but I straightened it up yesterday, so I think it counts. (Who really cares? It’s my book, right?! Wow. Getting a little defensive… sorry ;)

Let me just say… and I’m not proud to admit it…but I covet other people’s scrapbook rooms. I love to look at scrap spaces in magazines and on scrappers’ blogs. I drool over custom crafting rooms like some people lust after fancy cars or high dollar purses and shoes.

I want to be an organization junkie, with color coordinated tins and tubs and buckets and boxes. I would love to have an entire room devoted to my hobby, with areas for paper storage, a separate table for a sewing machine to be able to stitch on my layouts, and yet another table with my computer for journaling.

I’d love to be able to completely revamp my personal scrap space, have bulletin boards to display pictures, completed layouts, and custom bookshelves for my albums. And I’d want a couple of extra tables to have my friends over for crops.

But this is the real world. And what I have instead is one wall in my master bedroom. (Fortunately it’s a big bedroom ;)

We just don’t have an extra room for me to transform into my scrapbook room. 4 bedrooms + 3 kids… well, you do the math.

And to get the extra space, we’d have to

1. move (not happening),

2. build an addition onto the house (of course, we’d also have to win the lottery!)

3. give up the playroom (not happening… where would we put all those toys?!),

4. sacrifice the formal living/ dining areas (also not happening… sometimes those rooms are the only clean ones in the house!)

5. or give away one of the children. (not happening… well at least not today ;)

I’ve had to make the best use of my available space, and I think I have. I have tools and emebellishments stashed in wooden boxes, organized in canvas baskets, and sorted in various labeled drawers. And of course, I have a spot for my Cri-cut, my Cuttle-Bug, my Zutter (thanks, Marcy!), my F.R.E.D., and my laptop (and if the only word you understood in this sentence was ‘laptop’… you know you’re not a scrapbooker!)

This is a far cry from the kitchen table and a tub of supplies, which is what I had 9 years ago when I started. I’ve got a ‘system’ and it works for me.

Would I like to have more space? Sure.

Do I let the lack of a gorgeous scrapbooking room keep me from documenting our lives in pictures and with scrapbook pages?

Nope. Not even close.


Anonymous said...

My goal is to have the rest of the house look like that at least one day of the year! :) Love ya

Staci said...

Um... hello?!! That's just my husband trying to be funny, y'all. Everybody just nod and smile. Love you too, babe! ;)

Wendy said...

Know that today someone else is drooling over your scrapbooking area! Love your space and organization ideas!

Shanda Boatright said...

Mine's in our bedroom too, so I am right there with ya. I must say yours is much neater!

Anonymous said...

I just want what you have. Maybe you can come help me get that in your spare time.

sarah. said...

I think your space is great. I can't even find all my stuff right now. Someday though, you'll be able to come over and play!

jen said...

I need one of those spaces in my house too!! You need to come to CO and organize for me!!


ps your husband is a funny man!!

Anonymous said...

It's even better than what I had when I was stamping big time. Mine was shelves in the closet. Now, it's a wal-mart bag full of whatever scrapping stuff I need at the moment, next to me on the sofa while I watch Days of our Lives.