Thursday, July 22, 2010

Because, really, it makes perfect sense, if you think about it...

Little sister: "Can I please have more turkey?"

Mommy (who just happens to be me): "It's actually chicken. But sure."

Big sister: "Yeah, don't you know the difference in chicken and turkey?"

Little sister: "They're the same. They're birds."

Big sister: "They *are* both birds, but there IS a difference. A very important difference."

Little sister: "What's the difference?"

Me (thinking that this should be stellar): "Um... yeah... what IS the difference?"

Big sister: "Turkeys are the ones that dress up like peacocks. You know... for Halloween."

Little sister (thinking about it, and evidently coming to the conclusion that this is a satisfactory answer): "Oh, okay!"

Me: "Oh. Um... okay?"

Dare I even ask?

You know I can't resist.

Me: "And chickens?"

Big sister: "Well, chickens? Chickens HATE Halloween."

Doesn't EVERYBODY know that??

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