Thursday, January 29, 2009

On a more personal note...

I’ve been toying with writing this particular blog entry for a while. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to come clean. Wasn’t sure if you could handle the stark honesty. But I’ve been thinking about it… working on it, and I think I can say it now…

Hello, my name is Staci, and I am addicted to Diet Coke.

Whew… That was harder than I thought. What? What do you mean you already knew that?!

Oh, I guess you’ve noticed the cups. And the frequent trips for refills (not to mention the even more frequent trips to, um… someplace else.) So much for my big announcement… my ‘coming to terms’ with my problem.

Honestly, I’ve tried to stop. I’ve tried to cut back. It’s so hard… I often get a headache if I don’t have the caffeine . I’m a junkie. I think about it when I’m not around it. I crave one when I don’t have it.

Cans are not my drug of choice, unfortunately. No way could it be that easy, and I would just have one in the fridge when I want one. I do not like it from a can… I do not like it, Sam I Am. (oops. Sorry!)

No…*I* have to have a fountain Diet Coke. Preferably from Jack in the Box (and no, I don’t eat the food there!)… preferably from the Jack in the Box on Great Oaks, but in a pinch, I’ll settle for one from somewhere else.

I should have suspected I had a problem when the employees there gave me a Christmas card one year. And then when I got a wedding invitation from one of the girls that manned the drive through window, it should have set off some sort of warning bells (I WISH I were joking…)

Some of my family and many of my friends know that the quickest way to my heart is to bring me a Diet Coke when I’m having a bad day… (you enablers!) Case in point: one dislocated toe… sitting in the Urgent Care Clinic…my angel, Sarah, arrives with a Diet Coke for me. And Phil knows that the following phrase will get him back in my good graces in pretty short order… “You want me to stop and get you a Diet Coke?” A few of my pals even asked me what I would do when we went to Disney… “How will you survive without your JIB Diet Coke?!!” (Note: you KNOW you all weren’t really concerned about me… you just like to make sport of my unfortunate addictive personality! ;)

Yes, I know its bad for me. I do. I know my system is probably chock full of preservatives and artificial sweeteners and other stuff. I just wish I could bring myself to care. ;)


Stacy said...

I have always thought you looked very well preserved, now I know it was the Diet Coke! ;)

jen said...

Oh Staci!!! We just love you for you Diet Coke addiction.

Marcy said...

We were talking about this blog today at work and I was in the break room finishing up a large Coke that I picked up on my way to work and starting on the one that Karen bought me for lunch!!!

Fountain cokes baby!

Join me in giving up soda for Lent?

Blog Hijacker said...

Loved the mania commments last night, ladies.

Yours in sandwiches and goldfish,


P.S. Pardon my intrusive use of your blog, Staci. I'm hoping a couple of comediennes will see this.

Which leads me to wonder, am I allowed to just call them comedians these days.

Hit me with a grammar rule, Staci.


Anonymous said...

Don't preservatives make things last longer? So if you think about it you should last longer, no harm in that. Your so funny!!!!

Love ya,

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