Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tub time...

I love to take hot baths. It’s one of my favorite things to do. And I can seriously multi-task in a hot tub. Read a magazine, drink a glass of wine, relax, and ignore any chaos that is going on outside my bedroom door. Oh yes, I’ve become quite good at that. I love to lie in the tub, with water hot enough to scald, soak in the scented water, and scrub with a myriad of fancy body washes.

Last night, for instance, I was trying out a new wash I’d gotten for my face that guaranteed that with one use I’d look a decade younger. Just a couple of uses, and I’ll be ready for elementary school again (well, okay, maybe more than ‘a couple’). ;)

It was full of all sorts of yummy smelling botanicals… and evidently it was laced with a little bit of hydrocloric acid, too, because when I accidentally got it in my eye, I just about went blind. I was flailing around in the tub, trying to rinse out my eye, and I managed to pop my contact out and into the palm of my hand. My eye was still on fire, so I wasn’t going to attempt to put it back in.

I thought that the best course of action would be to get out of the tub and put my contacts into their case. I stood up in the tub, ready to step out onto the bathroom mat. Of course, I am still favoring my right foot, since my dislocated toe incident, and I had a brief moment when I was worried that I’d fall ‘ass over teakettle’, climbing out of the slippery tub. I’d have to make a split second decision as to whether I’d catch myself, and possibly sacrifice the contact cupped in my hand or just fall on my already injured foot. I figured that going to Urgent Care to have my toe popped back into place would be cheaper than replacing a contact lens.

Having managed to get out of the tub without incident, I suddenly realized I hadn’t even gotten a towel before I’d gotten into the tub. Why not? Oh, I don’t know. Why do I do half the things I do? I guess I always think that Jerome, the towel gnome, will deliver the towel to me whilst I’m soaking.

So, sans towel (well, sans ANYTHING!), dripping wet, bleary eyed, standing at the bathroom sink, I managed to get my contacts safely stored away. Before I got back into the tub, I figured I should get a towel this time around. Especially since my own towel gnome happened to be downstairs watching college football, and I knew it would be awhile before he made his way upstairs. Besides, it bugs the heck out of him that I’m always forgetting my towel before hopping into the tub or shower, so thought I’d just circumvent that little argument. ;)

Of course, all the clean towels had not yet made it to the linen closet in the bathroom, but were fortunately just a few steps away, folded in a laundry basket in my bedroom. So I run into my room (still dripping wet and um…well, you know…) to grab a towel, and realize that EVERY damn window blind in my bedroom is completely open. Well, that’s just special. Now I’m sure that none of my neighbors saw me… I don’t even know if anyone was outside because I immediately dropped down, and crawled on all fours over to the laundry basket to get a towel to wrap around myself.

Doesn’t that sound like a relaxing way to spend an evening? No wonder I needed a hot bath after that.


Anonymous said...

That is the funniest thing ever!! I am crying because I was laughing so hard. ( I had to hold my laughter a little in fear that you might have actually hurt yourself getting out of the tub) Since you were fine, I continued to laugh out loud. I am glad you had a relaxing bath.


ps what is the name of that product I want to make sure that I don't get it in my eyes

Anonymous said...

Have you read "Twilight" yet? You remind me of Bella a bit with your toe and this story... :-)

*reyanna* said...

LOL! Awesome. :) Totally reminds me of a day I spent in New York... my knee was killing me from walking around the city, and it was so stiff I could barely move it. So I was hobbling... and hopping down steps to the subway (while it was raining), and I slipped and slid all the way down the stairs on my bum. I twisted my ankle in the process and could barely walk on it. We go back to our room, and I decide I need a hot shower. I'm wondering how I'm going to get *out* of the shower with a stiff knee and twisted ankle, so what do I do?! I try to JUMP out of the tub. Of course, that didn't work because both lower appendages were damaged, so I hit my legs on the tub and fall out of the shower on my face... bumping a shin in the process. *sigh* I laughed so hard. :p My legs did not have a good day that day.

Anywho... one of the funniest part of your blog was that you said the emergency room would be more expensive than a contact lens. That made me laugh pretty hard. :)

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