Monday, January 19, 2009

Project 365 Week 2...

Here is my layout for the second week of my Project 365... I'm loving this album... loving this set-up...loving this idea.

Let's see... I know you can't read the journaling, but the pictures are as follows:

Monday: Josie getting measured for her baton for Twirling Team
Tuesday: the pizza and wine Phil picked up on his way home for dinner because it was such a crappy day (pizza for the kids, wine for me! p.s. If you haven't had Papa Murphy's, it's VERY good. Much better than Buddy and Al's!)
Wednesday: Josie's Brownie Troop had flag duty before and after school (this is a 4x6 collage of 4 different pictures)
Thursday: Libby had Pajama Day at preschool
Friday: One of my favorite sights at the end of the day... Phil walking in the door after work!
Saturday: The kids reading and putting together puzzles (Phil took this pic because I was in Temple at my mom's... good job, honey!)
Sunday: A picture of the kids playing outside because the weather was BEAUTIFUL! In fact, no one was allowed to come inside ;) They even ate lunch out there on their little picnic table.

Next week, I am going to make an effort to be in one of the pictures, too. I know all you scrapbook goddesses know how hard it is to hand off the camera to someone else. I'm even considering making this my picture of the day today... to document how I am taking pictures and blogging about the completed layouts. A picture of a picture of a ... Never mind. Now I'm confused. ;)

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Anonymous said...

It looks great and I am glad you told us what was happening in each picture.

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