Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Project 365... continued.

Okay, so I posted the Project 365 from two weeks ago, two days I'll post last week's today! I've given up on trying to remember what week number it is...

Are we confused yet?! ;)

Monday: The kids had no school because it was President's Day... or as Josie was calling it, "Obama Day". ;) It was a yucky, rainy day, so we spent the better part of the afternoon making and decorating sugar cookies. Yes, from scratch! Okay, let me give you a second to be impressed....

and... done.

Tuesday: Those darn strawberry stumps.

Wednesday: Davis painting his Pinewood Derby car... yes, it's a shark. Yes, he finally let me see it. Yes, it's completely rad. Yes, my husband rocks. ;)

Thursday: Libby was cranky all damn day... she was snuggling up with Phil in the afternoon because she was upset (big surprise...usually she's all about being a Mama's girl...) I went to take a picture of her grouchiness, and all I got was a big smile. Little stinker.

Friday: Josie chopping veggies for the guinea pigs... she is such a big help, and LOVES her 'babies'.

Saturday: Davis eating breakfast from his "Special Day Plate" before the big Pinewood Derby, which, by the way, he won FIRST PLACE in his rank with his shark-a-riffic car. And yes, my husband rocks. ;)

Sunday: Some examples of the projects that I spent almost the ENTIRE weekend teaching at the scrapbook store. It was 'Make and Take' weekend, so I must have demo-ed this thank you note, and this mini-album... oh... about ten million times?!! Well, give or take a million.

And I just realized that there is no journaling on Sunday's card... I was soooo eager to get this week posted that I jumped the gun. Oops!


Anonymous said...

Very nice!! I love the pages, so simple, but so great!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I thought that a "pinewood derby" was the one where they make the cars, sit in them (of course with a helmet on) and roll down a hill. So, imagine my surprise at the size of Davis' car! LOL I get it now. :)