Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shut UP!!!

I'm sorry, that was rude of me... but, HELLO?!!!! Did you see what I did down there?!! I figured out how to put an picture on an individual post!!!! Yahoo!

Check out the post from Monday! I can now leave up the picture with the intended post! Okay, just a little excited. Deep breath, Staci...

Up until this point, I've only known how to post a picture on the top and at the side of my blog, and I've had to delete pictures, even though I still have blogs that refer to said picture. Am I making sense? Anyone going back to 'catch up' on my blog has probably been a little confused. "What the hell picture is she talking about?! What is Baby Jingles?!"

At some point, I will have to go back and edit my posts to add pictures. But today's not the day. Valentine's day is creeping ever closer, and for some reason (maybe I was smoking crack at the beginning of the school year), but I am room mom for all fifteen of my children. Okay, it just FEELS like I have 15.

Okay, just had to share the excitement, and give a shout out to my pal, Shanda, who assured me that adding the pictures was as easy as getting a '2' on a mania evaluation when you serve pizza! ;) (Don't worry, you don't get it, but she will.)


Shanda Boatright said...

Thanks for the shout out (and hopefully there will be NO pizza this Friday)!

I am glad to see you figured out adding photos within your blog post. Your going to love how you can place them to the left, to the right, centered or how about 'none'. :o)

Now I am wondering what will she do with her header????

Marcy said...

Possibly pizza - but, if you let me in on the photo placement trick, I can change to something else!!

I'm ready for photos.

Anonymous said...

Very cool!! I always love the feeling when you learn something really cool.

ps.. call I gots things to tell you.
I won't be home until later tonight because,I am celebrating Abraham Lincoln's birthday at Megan's house!!

Anonymous said...


Kris with a K said...

Love the pizza comment!! lol!! Just make sure you have meat for those who won't eat veggies...WTH is that about??

Love ya!