Friday, May 22, 2009

"If I were President" by Josie. Age 8

For Josie's 2nd grade spring conference, we chose to do our 'student-led' conference at home. (you mean I get the option to not have to take all three cranky kids up to the school and wait out in the hallway while another mother takes more than her fair share of time discussing her child's 'giftedness'?! Yes, please!)

'Student led' basically means that you sit with your child as they go through a huge mound of their 'best work' from the spring, explaining each and every math problem and glue squiqqle.

My personal favorite? A particular journal entry...

"If I were President I would make laws that stopped:
1. hunting
2. smoking
3. killing and
4. street silliness.

I would put a sighn outside the White House that said: WE STAND UNITED.

I would have a poster outside my office with Americans on it and I would have lunches with famous people. By Josie. Age 8"

Um... street silliness?!! I couldn't stop laughing. When asked what exactly she meant by that, her response:

"You know... like people being silly? In the street? I'd put a stop to that."

Well played, future President.


Kris with a K said...

I love it. All silliness belongs on lawns.

"Curb your silliness!"

OH, I used to hate that wait, too. Can you imagine being the poor teacher with all of those parents of the "super gifted" who are trying NOT to say, "yeah, you should see them in class. Sure....gifted is the word I would use."

jen said...

"Street Silliness" it the best thing I have heard in a while. Too funny!!!

Rob said...

Hunting? Well, while I admire her convictions, that would make her unelectable by either party. :)