Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Remember yesterday’s blog? Well, I think I spoke too soon.

Yesterday Josie and Davis scootered their little booties home from school, walked in the door, and I overheard them saying to each other:

“You ask her!”

“No, you ask her!”

“No, you!”

That kind of an exchange is never good. It means someone is probably going to ask me one of the following:
1. How babies are made…
2. If I’ve gotten a phone call from their teacher yet…
3. How much it costs to replace a broken window…
4. If they can each have 4 friends come to the house for a sleepover, and they KNOW they were supposed to ask first, but those friends will be here in 5 minutes.

This time, though, they wanted to ask me about a little legend known as ‘Bloody Mary’. (First I ascertained that they were NOT referring to one of their parents’ trips to New Orleans, in which a legendary number of Bloody Marys was consumed. Whew! ;)

Nope…turns out that someone from Josie’s class told her that if you go into a bathroom, close the door, turn out the lights, and say ‘Bloody Mary’ three times fast, that a bloody ghost will appear. Niiiice… Evidently someone has an older brother or sister that enjoys messing with their head.

I, of course, have heard this before. Along with the ‘hook on the car door handle’ urban legend, the ‘dead cat in the Dillard’s bag’ story, and we mustn’t forget the one about ‘discovering an old lady sitting in your car, and it turns out that it’s a DUDE...sitting on an AXE’!. That’s a real gem.

I assured them that it was not true, and that they could go into a bathroom, turn out the lights, and say ‘Bloody Mary’ five thousand times, and the worst that would happen would be that they might get a little hoarse.

So it’s ironic that I blogged yesterday about the fact that, unlike their good old mom, my kids are not freaked out by ‘creepy things under the bed’. Nope, instead they’re just going to refuse to go to the bathroom alone.

And as their mother, I will be there for them… I might just have to leap in and out of bed to do it.

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jen said...

Well late night potty time should be loads of fun at your house :)

Like the new blog background.

ps I met little Elijah yesterday. Very cute.