Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This last weekend our family went camping at Inks Lake. While we were there, we went on a hike, went fishing, actually caught some fish (!), built a campfire, roasted hot dogs and made s’mores, met some new friends at the next campsite (played chase with the new friends in the mud!), and slept in a tent amidst a thunderstorm.

The next day we got home, and spent the afternoon at a BBQ and pool party hosted by some friends, where we ate delicious food, swam in the pool, lounged in the hot tub, played with our pals, and slid down the inflatable water slide.

On Memorial Day, we went to another cookout, where the kids all splashed around on the ‘Slip & Slide’, played water games in the little pool, and had a great time swinging and playing on our friends’ brand new playscape. We cooled down in the afternoon watching a movie and eating brownies and ice cream.

I only mention this because when asked at dinner last night what he wrote in his journal for the best part of his weekend, would you like to guess Davis’s answer?

“I wrote about how we went to the Dollar Store and I got some plastic army men. They’re cool.”

You have GOT to be freakin' kidding me!!


sarah. said...


Jen said...

Well, I guess you can stop planning any special events for Davis. Just take him to the Dollar Store every now and again and he should be just fine!!

Shanda Boatright said...

It's always the little things that matter to them. How cute!

Ashley W said...

We are all still waiting on the dollar store blog, and I think after this one it is about due