Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Calvin and Hobbes

Remember the comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes? It was penned by Bill Watterson, and I loved reading it in the daily paper, the Sunday comics, and between Phil and I, we even had all the books. Actually, we still have most of them. The kids love to read them, and I thought it was so cute that they were enjoying one of the comic strips that I love. Awww… gave me the warm fuzzies. Until they started plotting against their babysitter, much as Calvin plots against his babysitter, Rosalyn. At that point, I put them up on a shelf in my closet. These kids don’t need any ideas.

One night, she (OUR babysitter…not Rosalyn) showed up at the door, only to find a note taped to the window next to the front door:
I swear to God, this actually happened. Shantel, bless her heart, knocked on the door, anyway, and gave us a much needed night out. (She must know I can spell better than that!)

I can remember reading the comic strips and thinking that they were completely hysterical, and maybe just a little ridiculous. That is, until I became Calvin’s mother. Now, they’re more like a slice of my daily life. Davis even looks a little like Calvin, with his blonde spiky hair, and his unwillingness to do anything except make a ridiculous face for the camera. All he needs is a stuffed tiger instead of his stuffed giraffe to complete the picture.

The kids even went so far as to use a big cardboard box to make a Transmogrifier, which was alternately a Duplicator. That gave them a few hours of entertainment. And my apologies if you have ABSOLUTELY no idea what I’m talking about here. But those of you that know what I’m talking about… they did manage to not turn each other into worms, eels or baboons. Hah!

So, yes, I still love Calvin and Hobbes. And I have to chuckle when I see my kids, mostly my son, do something that’s especially ‘Calvin-ish’… makes me feel for Calvin’s mom. (That poor, tired, overworked woman.) The books are down off the shelf now, and the kids are back to reading them, looking at the drawings, and coming up with a little mischief, a la Calvin. And if that’s the worst thing they are reading, I guess I should consider myself lucky.

But I think I’ll keep the Far Side books up there just a little longer. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hahaha I will never forget that day! I would also like to point out that that was the FIRST day I ever babysat them! Talk about scared! Also, I looove Calvin and Hobbes. I think my brother and I have almost every book hehe I love your blogs, Staci!

Kris with a K said...

I especially love the snowmen they come up with. Hoping it snows here so you can share the kids' talents! lol!! I miss seeing you at "A's"!

Anonymous said...

Calvin and Hobbes: the first reality comic strip. Although, I must admit that as I got older I worried more and more about Calvin's mental state. I think Robot Chicken gives voice to those concerns... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Funny how those cute cartoons become a reality in our lives.

Anonymous said...

in case you don't have the link already:

They run through the old ones with a new one every day - it's part of my morning routine.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Spaceman Spiff! I'm a big fan as well. This story ranks right up there with Libby's stripper pole moves.

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