Monday, January 12, 2009

Project 365... Week One

Well, here it is, friends... Week one on Project 365. Not sure if you can read the journaling in the pictures, but hopefully it gives you an idea of what I'll be putting together for the next 51 weeks. ;)

There is also a small picture on the right of the 'short week', which still needs to be labeled with the dates.

As you can see, it's pretty simple, but if I'm going to keep up with it, it can't be terribly complicated or difficult to do. For each week, I'll simply have to make the 'Week of' card, and print out the journaling cards. Since its a Word document, I can change the font, size, location, etc. on the days of the week. If you would like the document, (I know several of you had asked me for it... sorry I've dropped the ball!!), send me an email, and I'll send it as an attachment. I also just purchased a date stamp at Office Depot (you know, like the old-fashioned 'library' one...), and I'm just stamping the date on each journaling card.

I'm excited about how it's turning out... and I think it is a good representation of our life right now. And it takes some of the pressure off. Seriously... now if I don't get around to scrapbooking Davis' Gecko Pride day, for example, at least I have it documented in the Project 365 album.

It's all good...


Anonymous said...

That looks really cool and fairly simple. I think it will be cool book to look back on when the year is over.


Jackson Family said...

Did you use the divided pages for a 4x6 photo album? That would make it much simpler than trying to put together a creative 12x12 layout each week.

Shanda Boatright said...

Love it Staci! You are ahead of me, I still need to print my photos and get them in the album. Good look on the next 51 weeks!

Staci said...

Yes, I used the divided is MUCH easier. I already have 'pre-made' January's weeks (and all with scraps!) I'm going 'green' with this scrapbook, :) Shanda, you should be so proud of me! haha

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