Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sleeping in...

Could someone explain this to me? Is there some sort of strange gravitational pull on the Earth’s surface every weekend? Some kind of subtle shift in the cosmos that occurs every 6th and 7th day?

That is the only explanation I’ve been able to come up with. Why else would it be a struggle every damn day to get my kids out of bed at 6:45 to get them up and ready for school? But come Saturday morning, they are up, running around and squealing at 6:15? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

A typical school morning goes a little something like this (at 7:00 a.m.):

Me (standing next to their bed): C’mon, sweetie, it’s time to get up. Time to get ready for school!

Them: Mumble, mumble…
Me: Let’s go… we’re gonna be late. What do you want for breakfast?
Them: Grumble, grumble
Me (pulling back the covers): Hey! C’mon, move your keister! Hurry up, so Daddy can drive you to school! (otherwise, Mommy has to take you in her pajamas… ;)
Them: Grouch, mumble, grumble…

However, on a typical Saturday morning (at 6:00 a.m.):

Them (standing next to our bed): Pssst… Mommy?
Me: Mumble, mumble…
Them: What’s for breakfast? I’m hungry. What are we going to do today?! Can I play on the computer? Can we watch Phantom Menace this morning? Can I have a playdate today? Don’t forget it’s Jason’s birthday party this afternoon… did we already get his present? Can I help wrap it? I hope there are goody bags! Can I eat the Girl Scout Cookies that are in the pantry?
Me: Grumble, grumble…
Them (pulling back the covers): Hey Mom! Are you awake yet?!
Me (grabbing covers back and pulling them over my head): Grouch, mumble, grumble…

So, what’s the secret? What’s the trick to getting them to stay in bed just a little longer on Saturday mornings? Threats? Bribery?

This morning we resorted to a bag of mini chocolate frosted donuts. Phil bought the donuts on Saturday at the store, and we told them last night that they couldn’t come out of their room until 7:30 if they wanted donuts. Even if they woke up early, they just needed to read or play quietly in their own rooms until their clocks read 7:30. It seemed to work. They showed up next to our bed at 7:31, whispering, “Where are the donuts?”
But I can’t see doing this every weekend… for one thing, it’s not healthy, and seriously, the last thing my kids need is a major sugar buzz every Saturday morning. I’m going to have to come up with something else.

Money may have to exchange hands. ;)


sarah. said...

Here's how it works at our house. If mom is still asleep you can play video games, watch lame cartoons, or pig out on frosted mini-wheats. When mom wakes up it's time for chores. Wahlah, mom gets to sleep late :)

Stacy said...

I thought your solution was pretty good, but Sarah's sounds even better! Oooohhhh wait. I forgot. Andrew is too young. Not only can he not read a clock, he likes doing chores! Damn! (P.S. You should have seen him cleaning the house Sunday morning under his daddy's direction.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, bribery works! something different every weekend, not necessarily donuts. although, wasn't it worth it, and who cares if they get donuts once or twice a week if it lets you sleep in. totally worth it! maybe the bribe is something you were going to do anyway like going out to eat on Saturday (they get dessert?) or extra allowance money or maybe they get so many tally marks and you take them to Chuck E. Cheese?! whatever works, sleeping past 6:30 is heavenly on the weekend.

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