Thursday, January 22, 2009

Voicemail blues...

I have a confession to make. Remember how I said that I'm not good at remembering to check the mail? Well, there's more. *sigh. I'm also not very good at remembering to check my voicemail. (yes, I know that many of you already know that! It's not news to you.)

In my defense, I almost always check the caller ID and try to return calls within a day or two (or three!), but oftentimes a couple of days can go by without me actually checking the messages. And usually when I call you back, I haven't yet listened to the message, if you actually did leave one. This afternoon, I thought I'd check them. The little automated voice told me... "You have twenty-six new messages." GULP... I didn't realize it had been THAT long. Twenty-six... that's my personal best (worst) record. Usually its more along the lines of eight or nine.

My wonderful friend, Jen, has finally just figured me out (about the voicemail, among other things!), and I thought I'd pass the wisdom on to everyone. If you can't reach me, and you need to talk to me (or just have a burning desire to hear my cute little voice), don't bother leaving a message. Just keep calling. Just keep calling. Just keep calling. And don't bother trying to leave me a voicemail on my cell phone either because I don't even KNOW how to check that.

Of, and of course, as I'm checking the messages and deleting them, I accidentally hit the 'off' button at around message #20. Anybody know what that means?! Yep...I need to listen to them all over again. And who knows when that will be?!

Anyway... what have we learned today? Voicemail= bad. Okay, well, not really... Staci + voicemail = bad. It's a personality flaw. I know that. I'll try to be better. And in the meantime, just keep calling. Or send me an email. Or shoot me a text on my phone.

And if all else fails, you can always send me a comment on my blog. ;)


Anonymous said...

Staci are you kidding 26 messages!!! I am hope none of them were a frantic friend in need while her son was in the hospital :)

Chat with you soon.

Shanda Boatright said...

Wow, Staci. I would have never guessed that about you. :o)

Staci said...

Shanda, the confession was very therapeutic. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you girl! Maybe we should try the 21 day thing?!!!

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