Thursday, May 14, 2009

Time after time after time...

Time is a tricky thing.

I only say this because I spent the drive home from the pool with my kids today discussing ‘time’.

Josie: Mommy, what was there before the 1900’s?

Me: The 1800’s.

Josie: No, I mean… before the teen numbers? What were the years called?

Me (completely confused and little woozy from the sun): Huh?

Josie: What was there before the 1100’s? Would people say, like, 896?

Me (finally understanding): Yes, it would be the year 896 A.D.

Which, of course, led into the discussion of ‘A.D.’ and subsequently ‘B.C.’ (fortunately it was a pretty lengthy drive home from our friend’s pool ;)

And this conversation led in a most roundabout way to celebrating Christmas.

Josie: Mom, did you know that no one really knows when Jesus was born, and we just happen to celebrate his birthday in December?

Davis: Um, yeah we do! He was born on Christmas!

Josie: No, He’s just WHY we celebrate Christmas. No one really knows the exact date Jesus was born.

Me: That’s true. Nobody knows the exact day he was born.

Davis (shrugging): Why don’t they just Google it?

Wow… if all of life’s questions could be solved so simply. ;)


Kris with a K said...

I'm sure that Wikipedia has that info too. And everyone knows that Wiki has totally correct info all of the time. (at least, according to Michael Scott on The Office.)

I love car conversations! Start collecting photos and stories for a mini album!

Anonymous said...

I love this. BTW, we can we meet up so you can show off your Disney album and inspire me?