Friday, September 12, 2008

A bedtime story

Okay, so this is definitely officially a "mommy blog". When you're blogging about the book, "Good Night Moon", you lose quite the reader score, but since this blog is about my life, I will proceed.

Libby loves to read "Good Night Moon" (yes, I know its a book , so should technically be underlined and not in quotes, but I'm too lazy to figure out that feature! okay?!) When I say, she loves to read it, it means I've read it to her so many times that she now likes to 'read it' to me.

And oddly enough, it lasts waaaaaaaaaaaaay longer when she reads it. We must say goodnight to the mush a half dozen times. (My apologies if you've never had the privilege of reading this classic... eye roll...)

We spend quite a bit of time spotting that damn mouse as he cavorts all over the great green room, and commenting on how the mouse must live in the little house, how the little bunny wears those socks... (and those mittens! Well, at least he never catches a chill.) And of course we can't forget to say goodnight to "nobody".

And one thing I've never quite understood: in the last line, when the book says "Goodnight noises everywhere" does that mean we're saying goodnight to the noises... or that there ARE goodnight noises everywhere? Around here, it makes much more sense that there are the sounds of goodnight throughout the house. Which usually consist of "Get back in bed!!" and "But I just needed ONE more drink of water!!!"

So, God bless that kid's sweet little britches. We have read this book to the point that its practically falling apart. And just as I'm about to doze off myself, she'll slam the book shut with finality (hmm... guess that could contribute to its dilapidated condition!) and tells me "Goodnight, Mommy".

At which point, I pack up my red balloon... and tell her "Goodnight, Libby."

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