Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Frog butts

If wishes were wings, a frog wouldn't bump his ass a'hoppin...

Yep... definitely one of my favorite sayings. I've heard it said in a variety of different ways.. but this is my personal favorite. And if you have kids, you know all about their 'wishes'. You hear it alot... "I just wish..." (fill in the blank:)

1. we had a dog
2. I didn't have a brother
3. we could go to Disneyworld tomorrow
4. that Mommy would get off the stupid computer, so I could play with my Webkinz

So, I have been known to say that to my kids (substitute 'butt' for 'ass' in this particular scenario... I mean, seriously, what kind of mother do you think I am?!!) And if you say it really fast, they look at you funny and decide that its best to not bug Mommy while she's speaking in tongues.

But, I admit, I can sympathize with my children. I, too, have unfulfilled wishes. (of course, they have nothing to do with getting a four-legged friend to add to the family, much to my children's disappointment)

1. I wish I could completely renovate and update my kitchen. Granite countertops, anyone?!!
2. I wish that I had a cute pool boy named Javier. Heck, I'd even settle just for a pool.
3. I wish those kids would quit nagging me about those damn Webkinz when I'm trying to blog. "But I haven't even fed him for 4 days!" (Yeah, and see why we're not getting a real dog?!)

Just like everyone, I have some wishes. But for the most part, things around here are pretty good... life is pretty darn good. It's easy to get bogged down in the 'stuff' that we all want, and sometimes we all need a reminder that too much 'wishing' can make us all sore-ass little frogs.

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