Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yak's milk...

I swear… all 3 of my kids have a snarky little sense of humor. Honest to God, I don’t know where they get it (hey… no comments from the peanut gallery!)

Josie, the oldest, lives in fantasyland sometimes, and ventures out long enough to tell us a story or two from her ‘world’. She’s always loved to write stories, and one of her favorite things to do is to fill her little brother’s head with a load of complete crap. (We call them ‘stories’… he calls them ‘lies’.)

My mother swears that I did the same exact thing to my little brother (Sorry, Chris. Well, for that, and for that time I blew pepper in your face, trying to get you to sneeze like a cartoon character, but instead it went in your eyes? Don’t remember that? Okay, never mind.)

So, Josie is forever telling Davis something just so ‘out there’ as to not be believed, and we’ll hear this… “Moooooooooom… Josie said…*FILL IN THE BLANK HERE*.” Or worse, he totally believes her, and ‘parrots’ it back until we have to tell him that whatever she told him was not true. Yesterday for instance, we were sitting at the kitchen table, having an afterschool snack, and here’s about how the conversation went:

Davis: “Mom, can I have more milk?”

Josie: “Davis, did you know that yaks make pink milk?”

Davis: “Really?!”

Me (laughing): “Davis, don’t believe your sister! Yaks do NOT make pink milk.”

Josie: “Mom… yes, they do.”

Me: “No, they don’t.”

Josie: “Yes, they do. I read it in a book.”

Me (in my ‘warning’ tone): “Josie, I’m going to Google it!”

***Sidenote: This usually works around here. The kids will even say that to us. “I don’t believe you, Dad! Mom, Google it!” Some families use Google as an educational tool… we use it to prove each other as lying little sacks of doody.

Josie: “Go ahead, Mom. I read it in 'The Big Book of Tell Me Why'.”

I proceed to Google it… and HOLY HELL! Did you know that yaks produce pink milk?! (well at least some varieties do) Raise your hand if you knew that?! You, there… put your hand down. You did NOT know that. It has something to do with the high fat content, blah, blah. I didn’t really read that part… I was just so stunned that this little factoid was true. She was actually telling him something that wasn’t a complete load of bunk! My ‘mother’ heart swelled full of love… until I heard this…

Josie: “And Davis, that’s where we get strawberry milk from.”

Davis: “Really?!!”

Oh, brother…


Aggieangler said...

:) LOL...almost snarfed at this one.

I guess it is much cooler to just put your initial here...



Staci said...

No, you have to put your whole name. It's the rule. ;)

Christin said...

OH my Gosh Staci... that is hilarious! I'm gonna have to set up a family blog now, and get a break away from my "serious" blogging... LOL TOOO FUNNY!!

Keith said...

This happens to me all of the time in school! One of my students inevitably wants to research something I know nothing about, and I end up learning some random thing! Too funny! :)
Josie, by the way, is looking soooo grown up! Where did the time go? :)

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