Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

Ever been embarrassed as a parent? Ever wanted to crawl under a rock? Ever wanted to strangle your child in a public place? Can I get a ‘hell, yeah’?! Those adorable little munchkins say some of the damndest things, and right when you’re least expecting it. If you’re a parent, you’re totally feeling me on this.

Just the other day at the park, I was relating a story to my lovely friend, Sarah, about our lovely friend, Veronica, while pushing my lovely child, Libby, in the swing. (Hold on… it’s about to get a lot less lovely…)

V. had sent me a random email that morning and it basically just said… “Suck it. heehee” I laughed and sent her one back that said… you guessed it: “No, YOU suck it!” Now normally, my girlfriends and I are all very mature and would never say anything inappropriate like that (yeah, riiiiight…), but during Hairy Man Festival time, we all get a little punch drunk.

At this point during my story to Sarah, little Miss Libby turns around in the swing, giggles, and shouts, “No, Mommy! YOU suck it!”

Yep. Wow. It’s easy to forget sometimes that she hears every stinkin’ thing I say and repeats them at odd intervals. (Okay, but on that note, she did NOT get the whole ‘I can dance better without my panties’ thing from me. ;-)

And it’s not just Libby. Once in Wal-mart, Phil had put Davis in one of the little ‘truck carts’ (you know the ones that are great for the first 20 minutes, but then you’re wishing to hell that you’d just strapped them into a regular cart because they keep opening the door and getting out?!!) So anyway… a woman moves in front of them with her grocery cart, and my son (3 years old at the time) YELLS at her, “Hey lady! Watch where you’re going!”

To this day, Philip swears that he doesn’t know WHERE he heard that… (cough, cough… just a hint… it’s not Mommy that has the road rage!!)

So, here’s hoping that the older they get, the more they will know what NOT to repeat. Maybe Phil and I will just have to work a little harder to remember that ‘little pitchers have big ears’ (what the hell does that even mean?!) Otherwise we’re in a whole heap of trouble.

YOU suck it!


s. said...

Libby is ADORABLE when she tells you to suck it!

Anonymous said...

Evan went through a phase at around the age of two where somewhere...ahem...he picked up "Fuckin!" So one time at HEB in the produce section he proceeded to holler "Fuckin!" over and over repeatedly amongst peals of giggles. Yep, BTDT. Mine's not so innocent...

Staci said...

Every damn time I go to the produce section in HEB, I want to yell that. Fresh fruit is so expensive... I just don't blame him.

That's too cute, BTW...

s. said...

F'n bananas!!

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