Thursday, September 4, 2008

House jargon...

I honestly do not understand repairmen. Nope, its not that I'm infuriated by prices or the fact that they track mud into my entryway. I just really cannot UNDERSTAND them. Its not a 'language barrier' thing... they can speak perfectly lovely English, and I still just stand there and go, "Uh, huh.... uh, huh... oh, okay..."

"Well, ma'am, today we added a flux capacitor to your air conditioning unit, so that the epg's are 50 to one. Which is standard in the industry."

Um... okay... that sounds just super. (?!!)

Usually I just let my husband deal with all that, and hope that the repairmen detail on the bill exactly what they completed. And when they sometimes don't do exactly the thing that Phil talked to them on the phone about... well, oops! Then I hear this, "Honey, why didn't you remind them that they were supposed to install a tabulator to the external component?! Remember we talked about how that was going to affect the energy output of the unit?"

"Um... uh huh... oh, okay..."

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