Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"With love..."

Yesterday on a routine trip to the mall, I had a flashback to the 80's. Not of the 'big hair' or parachute pants variety... nope... it was a 'Things Remembered' store.

Okay, so it wasn't 'technically' a 'Things Remembered'. It was a Fast Fix watch repair place that just so happens to do the machine engraving on all those cheap metal gifts. But within their humble little leased mall space, they had quite the assortment of things you could get engraved with your name or your monogram. And if you can't remember what your monogram looks like, they even have a special guide to help you remember that its the LAST initial that goes in the middle! (so helpful)

Now, I can clearly remember in high school, giving and receiving many an engraved 'item'. (heck maybe even in college... which would fast forward us to the early 90's...) But I'm not even sure that the 'Things Remembered' stores exist anymore. Does anyone get anything engraved anymore, besides jewelry? When was the last time you got a frame engraved with 'Friends Forever'? Or a ball point pen etched with the sentiment, "Congratulations"?

As I stood in line yesterday to pick up Phil's watch, I stood in awe at the plethora of 'cheese' that surrounded me (and a few cheese trays, too, I think!) There were the standard frames and pens, of course, but there were also a few other items that got me to thinking about possible gifts.

What about that flask? Engraved with "Good Luck at your AA meetings."

Or the mirrored compact? "At least you're pretty..."

There was even a 'mouse' (you know, for the keyboard), and a desk calculator. Both of which were coated in a silver substance that was so shiny it seared your retinas. But I guess that computer mouse would be a perfect little gift for that special guy in your life... you know, the one you met in the internet chat room? Have it engraved... "Thinking of you..."

Now that I think of it, the desk calculator might actually be a pretty handy gift. I'm considering getting one for Phil to use when he does the bills. I'll have it engraved to remind him how very much he loves me. Which should always be foremost in his mind just before he opens my credit card statement.

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