Thursday, September 18, 2008

"And now, a word from our sponsors..."

So, I have started noticing something very unusual about my blogs on my Myspace account. (Sorry if you’re reading this on Blogspot. Just try to follow along! ;)

After I post each one, a ‘Sponsored Link’ will often pop up next to the blog. I’m sure this is something that you all knew, but I’m a relative newbie at all this. And even more interesting is that it somehow ‘relates’ to the topic of my post. (Hmmmm… thinking…)

For example, when I blogged about ‘back to school’ and the homework the kids were getting, the sponsored link was “Be a Kindergarten Teacher” and a website linking you to an educational site. HOW do they do that? Is it a system that picks up on keywords in the blog and attaches a site to it? Or is there some pasty faced guy who hasn’t been outside his cubicle in this millennium, reading my blogs to decide the exact right website to assign to each individual post? If that is, in fact, the case… Hello! Sorry about the pasty-faced comment! I’m sure you’re a very attractive fellow! (Just covering all my bases.)

Normally, it wouldn’t bother me. When I published the post about reading bedtime stories to Libby, the link was “Publish a Children’s Book.” Absolutely! The world needs more children’s books. I can wholeheartedly support that. Seriously, we just don’t have ENOUGH books in my house that feature furry, precociously adorable animals. (rolling eyes)

However, my “Keep ‘em off the pole” blog generated this link: “Removable Dancing Poles.” Yes, my friends…a link to order your very own stripper pole. Check it out if you don’t believe me. You can order one of these puppies for your own bedroom! Who knew? YOU did? Oh, okay, sorry.

Heck, I forgot to even look to see who sponsored the blog I posted that was all about vomit. A carpet cleaning company, no doubt? (Wow! Aren’t you just dying now to go back and read all these posts about my incredibly glamorous life?!!)

So, in light of this little discovery, it makes me want to get a bit more creative. I’m tempted to have some fun with it and to begin posting things just to see what sites ‘sponsor’ my blogs. Can’t you picture it now? A blog about foot fungus? A post about a raging case of herpes? My obsession with Civil War memorabilia? Cooking with ketchup and lima beans?

So keep on reading, but don’t forget to check out the ‘Sponsored Link’ on the side. NO!! Don’t click on it!!

Dammit… lost another one.


Veronica said...

Okay, Staci. You totally need to cash in on this talent of yours. You are so incredibly funny! Not only in person, but on "paper"! You NEED to write a book. Seriously...Hugs, Veronica

Staci said...

You are too sweet, my friend :)

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