Monday, September 1, 2008

My kid, the comedian...

Sometimes my son (6 years old) just kills me... His comedic timing is outta this world.

Today we celebrated Josie's birthday. 8 years old... wow! She had already had her big party with 14 of her closest friends , and we just decided for her 'family party', we would go out to the eat and to the movies. (works out pretty well when your birthday is so close to Labor Day!)

She chose to go to Chuy's for lunch (she's definitely my kid!), where they sang to her and presented her with an ice cream sundae after we'd eaten. We also gave her the gifts we'd gotten for her. She had opened the rest of her gifts at her party last week, but we wanted to save the 'special' one for her actual birthday. So, she opened her new American Girl doll (Kit Kittredge), and was thrilled! She immediately took her out of the box and started reading her book before Phil had even paid the bill for lunch.

On the way to movie, I was explaining to her that there are not very many American Girl stores around, and that we didn't have one anywhere near us (yes, I know, in Dallas... but that might as well be on another planet!) And that Daddy had made a special trip to the American Girl Place in Chicago (the original!) on his recent business trip to Chicago. He bought Kit, and brought her back on the plane with him, and how it was so special that he'd done that for her... blah, blah, blah.

You get the picture... I'm wanting her to really appreciate that this doll is not just something you can pick up at Target. Phil even told her, jokingly, "I was probably the only man on the whole plane with an American Girl doll."

And from the back of the mini-van, I hear a little voice pipe up... the voice of my son... "Daddy, were there a lot of people laughing at you?"


Stacy said...

I would have been laughing at Phil.

Staci said...

okay, just that comment alone had me laughing!

Unknown said...

I liked that one a lot! WTG Phil! (from Javier....aka Jeff LOL)

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